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Best Beaches of Karnataka

The palm covered beaches along the 320 kilometers of Karnataka is nothing less than an amazing choice for unspoiled beaches with some of the finest atmosphere and natural scenery found.

Karwar Beach
Karwar Beach

Along the coast line of Karnataka you can find a great number of beautiful beaches like Karwar Beach which offers gently rolling waves, beautiful soft sand and lots of palm tress fringing the entire length of its coastline. No matter what your thrill is, you can find it on the beaches of Karwar.

Malpe Beach
Malpe Beach

Near Karwar Beach, you can also find Malpe Beach which is renowned for its beauty and peaceful virgin coasts. If you are looking for something else while visiting Malpe Beach, you can always opt to take the short boat ride and spend the day on St. Mary’s Island which is none the less awe inspiring.

Along the Arabian Sea, the unique town of Marwanthe can be found along with is spectacular beach. When standing along the coastline here, on one side you can look out and see the vast beauty of the Arabian Sea while in the other direction you will see the Sauparnika River as it flows away from the picturesque and mountainous backdrop.

Just 16 kilometers out side the city of Bhatkal one can find rolling hills which work their any into the sea along Bhatkal Beach. One of the biggest attractions along this coastline though is not so much the beach but rather the temple which is situated upon a local hill near the shoreline.

Murudeshwar Beach
Murudeshwar Beach

Rich in local history and mythology, Murudeshwar Beach is filled with some of the finest carvings and statues found in India. With the nearby sea and the rolling hills, Murudeshwar is a great beach to visit for a weekend picnic while in Karnataka, India.

With so many picturesque beaches to choose from in the state of Karnataka, it is none the less amazing that anyone actually leaves the area once they arrive. A week along Karnataka’s beaches and you too will not want to leave until you are absolutely sure that you have had ample opportunity to take in all the breathtaking sites that can be seen here. Filled with history and beauty, this Indian state which borders the Arabian Sea is well worth the trip to visit.

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