The Lakshadweep Island state is known for its natural beauty as well as some of the best diving spots along the Indian coastline. This island state is composed of 36 island which means there is plenty of beaches to choose from as well as a selection of various watersports. This region is none the less a paradise for any diver enthusiast and although it is a popular destination for visitors, only 10 of the 36 islands are inhabited which means there is always a place to get away for some privacy.

Lakshadweep Island
Lakshadweep Island

The summer months in the region are not as hot as some regions of India which makes it an excellent destination for any couple wishing to recap their years together and rekindle the romance in their lives. Furthermore with the 36 islands being composed of coral, there is always a great place to go snorkeling or scuba diving and view the colorful marine wildlife.

Bangaram Island
Bangaram Island

Bangaram Island is a popular choice due to its shallow waters that make it a great snorkeling location. Best of all, there are three small islands which can be reached with a rowboat if you need a little peace and quiet away from the rest of the people taking in the splendor of the area. There is also a number of places where you can rent kayaks as well as windsurfers to enjoy your favorite water sport while visiting these scenic islands.

Just as the waters around Lakshadweep are filled with amazing and colorful marine life, the beaches along its shores are also filled with a treasure trove of some of the finest sea shells that India’s beaches have to offer. Couple the beauty just off the shore with the beaches and the popular divers haunt, you have nothing less than an amazing, action packed and very romantic location where you can take the entire family to and always be able to find something to keep you busy.

Lakshadweep Beaches

With 36 coral islands to explore and thousands of kilometers of reefs, it will take you more than just a week to take in all the sights and beauty which can be found on the Lakshadweep Islands. You will not want to leave once you get here, but you will have to eventually. Luckily you can always come back and finish your explorations of these islands.

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