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Belum caves is located at Kolimigundla Mandal of Kurnool district which is about 320 kms from big city Hyderabad.These caves present a breathtaking view. The Belum Caves are a collective array of subway passages that were first discovered in 1854. With the pioneering efforts of H. B. Foote these Caves came into public view. Today, the Belum Caves 3.5 km in length ranks second in length, just one step behind the famous Meghalaya Caves.

Belum Caves Belum Caves were facilitated by three natural opening points that are in the shape of a well. The interiors of the Caves are an enticing view of splashing fresh water corners, wide compartments and stretched out passageways. Only 2km of the Belum Cave is opened for public. To enter inside the cave one should be accompanied by a guide and freely wandering in the cave is strictly prohibited. There are three entry points to the cave out of which one is converted to a main entrance.

Belum caves andhra pradeshThe Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation arranges excellent lighting for the caves. There are passages in the cave where one will have to crawl to pass by. There are some streams inside the cave. There is a chamber inside the cave where a lot of stalactites and stalagmites (horn like formation of limestone) can be seen. The chamber is called Kotilingalu and the entrance to chamber is called Simhadwaram. There is a chamber inside the cave called Saptasvarala Guha or Musical chamber where the limestone formations make metallic sounds. The deepest point in the cave is called Pathalaganga where a perennial stream is found.

One of the unique touristy attractions of the state, the entire area inside the Caves covers a total of 3229 meters. The visitors have to cover a sloping passage of 20 meters to reach to the main cavity of the Caves.

Belum caves KurnoolTo discover the unexplored treasures of the Belum Caves, the archeology and museum department along with the European Cave researchers, have carried out extensive exploration works in the place. Proofs of ancient civilization are found in these natural Caves that have eventually helped in making the place one of the prime spots of historical importance and tourist attraction.

APTDC has provided pathways through the length of the caves and has created fresh-air-shafts for the convenience of the tourists. Canteen, washroom and toilet facilities have also been created near the entry point. From scholars to travelers, hundreds of thousands of people today visit the Belum Caves of Andhra Pradesh. A thrilling experience indeed, the tourist while visiting the out-of-the-world Belum Caves, can cherish the splendid beauty of the surrounding ambience which is accompanied by an air of serenity.

Also there is a giant Buddha Statue near a hillock near the Belum Caves. Buddha statue near Belum caves

How to Reach here
Nearest towns are Tadipatri (30 km) and Banganpalli (20 km) where one can find hotels to stay. There are no other place nearby where one can find a restaurant or any sort of eating joint. It is advisable to carry bottled drinking water when visiting the caves since it get very hot and humid at certain sections.

Anantapur (85 km) and Kurnool (106km) are other places to stay and these places have good hotels. Both these places are well connected by road and rail.This cave can also be reached from Nandyal railway station falling in Guntur-Bangalore section of South Central railway,which is about 60 km away.

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