Betaab Valley is located near Chandanwari and it is a popular tourist spot. The name is given after the release of a Bollywood movie “Betaab Valley” and it is named so as most of the shooting of the films was done in this area. The mountains are snowcapped with rushing streams and beautiful colored willow trees. The warmth of the sun along with the perfect sightseeing environment makes it an ideal spot for the canvas artist.

It is also the best place to spend the vacations and during the tourist seasons lots of tourists visit in this place. From Pahalgam, it is a walk-able distance. The water is pure and crystal clear as well as chilly. There are several streams that flow down from the snow covered hills to the valleys below. This water is drinkable and the locals prefer to use it for their household activities. There are few spots of attractions that lie nearby like the Tulian and Baisaran lakes.

Trout fishing is famous in Betaab valley. You can see lots of waterfalls and streams of water flowing from here and there. This is a perfect visiting spot for the nature lovers and you can also capture beautiful sceneries in your camera here.

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