Rajasthan has always been associated with the large palaces, spicy cuisine, and ghosts. Yes! You heard it right the ghosts that ring the bells in our ears, their anklet’s scary noise, the candlelight that refuses to die down even under the strong weather conditions. Here, we are not talking about some Hindi movie. It is a real fort situated in Rajasthan with a twist of mystery associated with it. Do you wish to explore the unknown? Do you want to unfold whether paranormal activity exists or not? Or whether supernatural power pushes your adrenaline level high? Or want to push the envelope further and discover what’s happening in the strange, mysterious world? This post is for all those travelers who carry heart on their sleeve and are not afraid to discover the known.

This fort is situated in Alwar, Rajasthan. The fort was built during the 17th century and is known to be the most haunted place in India because the locales have seen several ghostly experiences inside the fort. Even the Archaeological Survey of India labels this fort has prohibited and the tourists are not allowed to enter the fort at night. It is completely in a dilapidated condition and has a negative aura surrounding it. The legend has it just like any-other fort the town was surrounded by buzz and din, but then something untoward happened and it destroyed the normal lives of the people.

The stories that surround the fort

There are two legends that claim to be responsible towards such fate of the fort:-

According to the first, the king named Madho Singh built Bhangarh Fort after taking the approval from a yesteryear saint Balanath. The fort was built on terms that the reflection of the fort will not fall on the abode of the saint. But one of his legal heirs expanded the fort vertically, and it was the wrongest move because the fort shadow was reflected in the home of a saint. And as the fate would have it, the fort was condemned in no time. And the Bhangarh Fort became haunted.

According to second, yet most powerful legend, the fort was cursed by a black magician. The story claims that the local black magician fell in head over heels love with Princess Ratnavati. He used several tricks to bewitch the beautiful lady to make her fall in love. The princess, aware of it, conspired against him and murdered him brutally. And he was about to die he cursed the fort that no one in this entire world would ever be able to remain in solace in this fort. The entire fort was doomed. So, it can be very well said Princess beauty was responsible for the apocalyptic situation.

It seems the entire surrounding area of the fort is engulfed with gloom, hollowness and heaviness. One constantly feels that their movements are under a prying eye. The board caution not to visit the premises after the sunlight and before the sunset.

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