Jim Corbett National Park

A popular destination which is part of Project Tiger is the Corbett National Park which is situated on a 1,200 square kilometer reserve that is located roughly 300 kilometers from Dehli. The Corbett National Park is known for its Leopards, Tigers as well as its Crocodiles which can be found throughout the park’s borders. Initially established back in 1936 under the name of Hailey National Park, this preserve houses a large variety of plant and animal life that will leave you awe struck from the first moment that you arrive.

The park itself was a popular hunting grounds and out of honor to James Corbett who was a legendary hunter in the region, the park changed names to the Corbett National Park in 1973. Along with the help of the World Wildlife Fund in conjunction with James Corbett, this park was the first of 9 areas in India to be included in Project Tiger as a means of protecting these magnificent hunters.

The Corbett National Park boasts a total of just over 110 different spcies of trees as well as 50 mammals and 580 birds. There is also known to be 25 reptile species which can be found within the park’s boundaries.

Once inside the park you are highly likely to spot not only Tigers, but there is plentiful Deer as well as Wild Boar. But if it is the Leopards that you seek, you will have to make your way up to the hilly areas as this is where they call home. The leopard is not the only feline species to be found in Corbett National Park as there are many other nocturnal cats like the Jungle Cat and the Fishing Cat which can be found in various places of the park.

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You may also be likely to spot an occasional small animal like a Mongoose, Otter, Porcupine or even a Blacknaped Hare. A number of monkey species may also be found within Corbett National Park and it is through these monkeys alarming calls that one can tell if a Tiger or Leopard is nearby. When you hear these calls, it means that the monkeys have found the cats perched upon a branch in a nearby tree so start looking upwards to catch a glimpse.

Make sure that when visiting Corbett National Park that you come when it is not the monsoon season as this park is closed due to flood waters making the road system in the park impassible.

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