Gadisar lake is situated at Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. This state is situated in north India. Gadisar Lake is a center of tourist attraction and those who visit Rajasthan should make sure to take a trip to this lake for at least one time. According to the sayings, this lake was the only source from where people can get water during the olden times. This is a reservoir made by Raja Rawal Jaisal who was the first person to rule Jaisalmer. Later on, this lake was rebuilt by Maharaja Garisisar. You will also get to see beautiful shrines, temples, Ghats and chattris that surround the lake of Gadisar.

This lake is situated at the outskirts of the city and at a time it supplies the people of the town with its precious water. The presence of the shrines and temples around it made the place fully aesthetic and auspicious. It is a holy place and religious people must visit it at least once in their life time. During the winter season you can see the beautiful flocks of waterfowl that flock into this area. Gangue celebrations are held here annually and the view of Jaisalmer fort from this place increases the beauty of the place altogether.

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