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The town of Alleppey in Kerala is often mentioned as the Venice of the East for the simple reason of the various criss crossing of a lot of rivers that has thatched boats moving on them conveniently. There are lakes nearby, which adds to the spice of life when we call it Venice. This town was founded by Raja Kesavadasan, in 1762 – there was a single canal in the space between the backwaters and the sea. Now it is bustling with shops, commercial establishment and factories, helping in economic growth of the area. The natural beauty is still found here overflowing from the Backwater of the place if you want to enjoy Honeymoon in Alleppey.

Alleppey houseboatThere are various option for cruising in the Backwaters and there are houseboats on the canals that criss crosses along the middle of the town which again is an unique way to spend time when you want to go for Honeymoon in Alleppey. It has a rich collection of wildlife and vast golden beaches where you can roam around taking in the beauty of nature. The expanse of paddy and other crops in fields give a reason for you to reach out to the skyline. Activities like boat races and canoeing and prawn farming – all are unusual way to enjoy the natural bounty and backdrop of the place.

When to Plan
Best Time to travel Alleppey is between March and August.

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