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Honnemardu is a tiny village in Karnataka and has become the attraction for those who loves adventure. It is a hill station and numerous sports enthusiasts come to spend their vacation and enjoy the extensive range of activities like kayaking, wind surfing and several other related sports. The reservoir is none other than the consequence of damming the Sharavathi River. For those who like camps this place is ideal for them as there is a tiny island surrounded by water. If you like to watch various birds it can be heaven for you and you can spend many hours by observing the large variety of birds as well as butterflies.

honnemardu backwatres karnatakaThere are swimming pools as well as the forest where you can enjoy trekking, swimming and rafting as well. The only symbols of human tenancy at Honnemardu are the two tiled houses which contain a bunch of eco-tourism enthusiasts or you can say adventurers. You can enjoy the most magical night there by lying down on your back, gazing the sky full of stars and experience the bonfire blaze with your acquaintances. Once you visit Honnemardu you will never regret to spend some time on nature’s lap and always remember the trip.


Honnemardu Booking?

Honnemaradu camp is managed by a dedicated team of nature enthusiasts called ‘Adventurers’.

Contact: Mr. Swamy, Ms. Nomita

Swamy S.L.N.
The Adventurers
142, 69th Cross, 5th Block, Rajajinagar,
Bangalore INDIA 560 010
Phone: 91-80-23305508 or 91-80-23409712
Email: adventr.iiaa@aworld.net

Book 2-3 weeks in advance

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