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Kadmat Island is one of the many exotic Lakshwadeep islands in the Indian Ocean and is a desirable destination to visit for a holiday. Also known as Cardamom Island, the island is one that is characterized by splendid natural beauty and those looking to unwind and relax should certainly escape to this place in order to be able to do so. There are fabulous accommodation options over here for travelers of every possible budget, in the form of hotels, motels, youth hostels and beach side resorts.

Most of the beaches here are public beaches although there are some private beaches here as well. Kadmat Island can be reached via a ship or a launch boat. The island is best visited in the summer season when the beaches are excellent for exploration activities. There are many different kinds of flora and fauna that one can get to come across over here.
Kadmat Island - Lakshwadeep
There are lots of beachside activities that you can take part in upon your arrival to the Kadmat Island in the Indian Ocean. Some of the activities that you can partake in when you arrive over here include sandcastle building and fishing activities. For the latter, you have to venture out in the early hours of the morning and once you do so, you can actually get to avail of the best kind of fish in the sea.

A lifeguard will accompany you on your fishing adventures so that you do not suffer from troubles of any kind when you are in the middle of the ocean. Thus, visiting the Kadmat Island would be quite a nice thing to do for a person. When you arrive at this part of the world you will be certain to forget all of your troubles and have a really good time over here.

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