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Karwar is the headquarter of the Taluk and the district of Uttara Kannada which is situated in Karmataka. During the British India, in the district of north Kanara Kanwar was the main town. This town is located near the sea and on the river banks of Kali that is located on the western coast of Indian peninsula.

Kanwar is called Kone by the villagers of the southern area which means mass of land before the Kali River. The name Karwar is derived from the kadwad village which was very popular during the British rule. The current town of Karwar is a fully new settlement and it has no ancient trace. Karwar was known as Carwar during the era of pre- Indian independence.

Karwar was known for its trading from the ancient times. It was visited by the Dutch, French, Arabs and Portuguese. It is said that Ibn Battuta, the famous historical character passed through this way during his voyage. The famous Sadashivgad fort is known for its historical importance is located near the bridge of the river kali. This is a famous tourist attraction and is made on the merging spot of the Arabian Sea and the river.

Karwar tourist places

A small town located 36kms from Karwar. Here you can see the ruined walls of the old fort built during the reign of king Sarpamalika. It also has the Venketaraman Temple along with two giant wooden chariots carved with scenes from the ‘Ramayana’.

Kali River Bridge
Is a popular spot to watch the sunset. The revelations of horizons with the help of numerous Colour combinations will be a striking experience to a traveler.

Karwar Beach or Rabindranath Tagore Beach
Karwar Beach resortSituated 3 kms from Karwar, the beach in Devbagh is boundlessly enchanting. It is a tourist hub with snorkeling and diving being the main attractions here.

Binaga Beach
The beach is famous for its natural beauty and wide seashore. Located about 5 kms from Karwar in Uttara Kannada District.

Naganatha Temple
Naganatha Temple in the city of Karwar is one of the must tourist destinations. The interesting feature of this temple is that an anthill is worshipped here.

Devbagh Forest Beach Resort
Boat cruise across the Kali River to the Devbagh Forest Beach resort is an enchanting experience. Here the beauty of an unspoilled beach will flatten you.

Dargah of Peer Shan Shamsuddin Kharobat
The famous Dargah is a place of tourist interest for pilgrims.

Kurmagad Island
This island houses the famous Narasimha shrine of Karwar and the deity worshipped here is Lord Narasimhan.The Island also has the remains of a ruined old fort.

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