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Kuntala waterfalls as the name suggest is located in Kuntala which is in Adilabad (40 kms) district, near Nirmal in Andhra Pradesh. This waterfall is situated in the river of Kadem which is in Neredikonda Village. In the entire Andhra Pradesh this is the highest waterfall that has a height of 45 mts. The locals believe that the waterfall got its name from Shakuntala who was the wife of Dushyanth, the king of this place. People believe that Shakuntala used to take bathe in this waterfall. Kuntala falls is formed by the river Kadem and it flows down two steps and divided into two adjacent falls.

kuntala waterfallsYou can make your trip to this place with families and friends. You can even spend the evenings here with your loved ones. The beautiful environment and the scenic beauty will led both of you to fall into love once again. It is believed that Shakuntala and king Dushyanth fell in love while they were together in this beautiful and stunning place.

Kuntala waterfallsFrom the main entrance the falls are located at a distance of 10 min. During the monsoon and post-monsoon it is the best time to visit this place. It is not safe to go down to the bottom of the falls as you can get hurt with twists and sharp rocks during high flow of water.

You can visit any time but in the rainy season (July to September ) this place looks more beautiful.

How to reach from Hyderabad
Hyderabad to Nirmal 200 Kms around 5-6 hours, Nirmal to Neredigonda 30 kms 50 minutes and Neredigonda to Kuntala 13 kms 30 minutes run.

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