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Meghalaya is considered to be the ideal destination for people who are in search of solitude and beauty. In fact, it is a place with eternal bliss and tranquility wrapped in ultimate perfection and beauty. The wonderful form of nature in this place of clouds offers a picturesque view all around the place. The emerald hills and the lush greenery is also something that attracts the tourists in large numbers. In addition to that, there are also many adventure sports that are encouraged here.

There are plenty of Meghalaya tourist places. However, some of the common places include:

cherrapoonji fallsThis is a place that is known all over to receive the maximum rainfall in the world, and is mainly famous for the most beautiful falls in Meghalaya. The beauty of waterfall spellbinds people from different corners of the world.

This place in Meghalaya is mainly famous for the hot water springs that are found here. In addition to that, the tourists can also find Nawphlang and Ranigodam for the beauty and exquisiteness of this place.

This is basically the gateway to Nartiang, which is a wonderful village in the north. There is a wonderful collection of druid stones that one can find here. In addition to that, there is also an amusement park that basically traverses through the entire region, and a monument is also located here that is dedicated to the first freedom fighters.

This is the capital city of Meghalaya and the entire region is filled with charming valleys, lush green parks and even huge mountains. There are plenty of wonderful destinations to be visited here including many lakes, waterfalls and parks.

This is a place that is mainly known for the huge creation of Stalagmite which is shaped like a Shivalinga. The climate of this place is also wonderful.

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