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Osian, also known as Osiyan is one of the ancient town located in the district of Jodhpur in the state of Rajasthan in western part of India. Osian was once on the trading route between Delhi and the Middle East making it one of the most flourishing business centers of its time.

osian jain templeOsian Rajasthan is the house of several ruined Jain and Brahmanical temples from the era of 8th to 11th centuries. This city is the religion center of several religions. Some of the graceful shrines among the group of 18 shrines are the Sachiya Mata Temple, Surya Temple, Pippala Devi Temple, Harihara Temples, Visnu temple and the Lord Mahavira temple. The place is highlighted by its camel ride at the time of the sunset.

Osian templesThe small Osian village is at 63 km north-east from Jodhpur and it is one of the most important pilgrimage for the Jains community. In A.D 783 the Mahavira temple was built in this area and is a significant tirtha for the Jains. It was built by Vatsaraja the kind of Gujara Pratihara. The village is becoming modern now with the introduction of the usage of solar energy. Solar power projects are being carried on in this village. It is a sacred spot for the Jains. The exotic sculptures at the Osian temples are fair indicators of the regular lifestyle of the people of those times.

Osian Camps and safari
Osian camps and camel safariCamp Oasis Osian is a deluxe permanent camp with tents having all modern amenities. All tents have en-suite toilets, with hot and cold showers. The tents are comfortable and spacious. Interiors are tastefully designed employing rural artisans in handicrafts and printing.

The nearest airport of this town is at Jodhpur and the Osian railway station is also situated in this same area named Phalodi line of North Western Railway.

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