Pelling is located in the northern part of Sikkim, and is considered to be a wonderful Sightseeing for the tourists from across the world. It is located at a height of 6800 feet from the sea level. Tourists are attracted to this city for nature, the glorious history, and also the rich culture of the state. The landscape of this place is also very scenic and offers spectacular views of the snow capped mountains of Kanchenjunga. Feel the history, nature and culture of the state, see some of the most interesting places to view in Pelling:

Khecheopalri Lake:
Khecheopalri Lake PellingThis is considered to be a sacred lake both by the Hindus and the Buddhists, and is therefore considered to be the top most places in Pelling for the tourists. However, this lake remains hidden in the forests, and is believed that birds do not permit the entry of a single leaf to float in the surface of the lake.

Pemayangtse Monastery:
Pemayangtse MonasteryThis is a special monastery not only for the pure monks, but also for the tourists. It is believed to have been designed by the pioneer of Buddhism which soon became a nuclear of many different monasteries. Today, it is considered to be the premier monastery in the state.

Sangacholing Monastery:
This is also a famous monastery that is located on a ridge right above Pelling. However, in order to reach this monastery, the tourists have to walk through the steep slopes of the hills which is covered by a rich area of forests.

Kanchenjunga Falls:
Kanchenjunga Falls PellingThis is also a beautiful falls that must definitely not be missed out by any tourists visiting Pelling. The water falling through the rocky slopes of the hills offers a wonderful spectacular view of the place.

Singshore Bridge:
Singshore BridgeThis is also a beautiful bridge that can offer magnificent views of the hills from a vehicle.

If you want to do some outdoor adventurous activities the head to Uttarey base camp located few kilometers from Pelling. You can enjoy Trekking and mountain biking here.

other places nearby Pelling are: Ting Ting Stone, Sewaro rock Garden, Lepcha village Lethang, Gayzing Bazar, Rabdentse ruins, Hingsang Gompa etc

Reaching Pelling
Pelling is 125 kms away from Gangtok and 134 kms from Siliguri and well connected by bus and local jeep/car services. Nearest airport is Bagdogra which is about 78 kms from Pelling and the nearest railway station is Jalpaiguri, 95kms from Pelling.

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