The third longest cave in the sub-continent of India is the Siju Cave and it is situated on the river bank of Simsang which is below the village of Siju. In common terms it is called the caves. There are several chambers in the caves as well as labyrinths that have not been explored yet.

There is a perennial river that flows from this dark cave and it has several kinds of aquatic animals in it. Normally the cave depth is about 4772 mtrs. Various stalagmites and stalactites can be seen within the cave and the most popular one is the Princes Di’s chamber. The name is given by the excavators. There is a bird sanctuary situated on the opposite of the river side Simsang called Siju bird sanctuary. Many wild lives that are rare and endangered are kept here under proper protection.

There is a steep climbing that needs to overcome before you can enter the sanctuary. You can also see the stunning formations of rock that is stretched throughout a vast land. There are lots of activities to be performed in and around Siju like trekking, angling, river crafting, fishing and sitting of caves.

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