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Sirsi is an attractive tourist location in the Indian state of Karnataka. It has a rich history of its own and provides travelers with a plethora of sightseeing destinations to explore. Transportation facilities in the city are of a high standard and ensure efficient navigation.

Tourist Points of Interest in Sirsi

Unchalli Falls
Unchalli Falls
This is a breathtaking travel destination that is situated a few kilometers away from the main city of Sirsi and can be reached quite easily by making use of hired car services. The Unchalli Falls provide spectacular views to tourists at all times of the year. The waterfalls are as high as a hundred and sixteen meters and are best viewed in the season of summer.

Sonda Sirsi

This is another delightful destination that one can visit in the city of Sirsi in the Indian state of Karnataka. Sona is renowned for its Shri Vadiraja Math. It is fifteen kilometers away from the heart of the city of Sirsi and one can resort to the use of public buses in order to get to this destination in a smooth and hassle free manner.

Madhukeshwara Temple - Banavasi
This is an ancient city situated in the Indian state of Karnataka and is not too far away from the prominent city of Sirsi. It was from here that the famous Kadamba rulers carried out all their administrative affairs. Cameras can be used to photograph the buildings and temples over here and there are no separate tickets to pay for the purpose of entry.

St Anthony’s Church

This is one of the few churches in the city of Sirsi and is a place that travelers ought to visit in order to gain an understanding of the catholic presence over here. The church opens from nine in the morning and closes at seven.

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