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There has been a lot of history and its story about Leh and we often find that a Leh Ladakh tour is all about Buddhist culture and the rich landscape of the land. The hills and the lonely valleys and the monastery all together gives the area an aroma of mystery. We can find the mountains like Zasker range and Karakoram ranges are good for the purpose of climbing and the hilly cool rivers are there for rafting and boating by the Leh Ladakh tourism.
Leh Ladakh
The different hotels and guest houses are there with their Leh Ladakh packages that cover the special and most beautiful places that are there for sightseeing. The Buddhist monasteries and Shanti stupa, Shey Palace and Hemis Gompa and a lot of other such places can make us feel the rich heritage of the land. The Leh Ladakh travel can show us the different festivals and religious rituals that this land has and that it has enriched by being a place for the Tibetan refugees. We have also been a part of the sports like mountaineering and rafting and trekking. The bird in the forests and the area around that has got its exotic flaura and fauna were immensely enjoyed by us.
Monastery in Ladakh
The few Leh Ladakh hotels are good places to stay back when we are tired and when we feel the need of some rest after going around spending the energy moving around looking at the monastery, stupa and the lakes and mountain peaks. The Leh Ladakh honeymoon couples are the ones who find the quiet and lonely atmosphere and non-interfering crowd a boon and they start the first few days of their life together visiting the places that bring them nearer to nature. The different and colorful festivals and dances and theatres are all a part of this beautiful land.
a house in leh ladakh
The best time for Leh Ladakh travel is in the month of June to September and we were always advised to carry a lot of woolens in these cool months. We really need to follow this in the summer season too as they are cold months of summer. The rivers and streams are cold and freezing and we can find few of the activities like boating for the summer months only and trekking can be done on frozen river in the winter season. The Leh is a place of mystic rituals and exotic shades of colors in the handcrafts and clothes and jewelries of the people who are really simple and friendly.

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