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With so many places to visit in Orissa, make sure that you have maximum time in hand for visiting this impressive state during your holidays in Orissa. Orissa is an Indian state situated on the east coast of India near the Bay Of Bengal. Orissa is the present name of Kalinga that was established by Ashoka. Modern Orissa was founded in 1936 as an Indian state. Cuttack was the capital till eighth centuries but on 13 April, 1948 Bhubaneswar was declared as the capital of Orissa state. Orissa’s official language is Oriya. Deomali is the upper point (1672 m) of Orissa state.

Hirakud Dam is the biggest dam in the world. Orissa has many famous tourist spots. Bhubaneswar, Konark and Puri are the Golden Triangle of East India. Puri for the Jagannath temple and for Rath Yatra, Bhubaneswar for Ashoka’s famous rock and Konark is for the Konark sun temple, Udaygiri cave, Khandagiri cave, Lingaraj temple etc.

Konark : – konark sun templeKonark is world famous for the sun temple, that is devoted to the Sun God (Surya). Sun temple’s architecture is wonderful. Konark beach is the most delightful beach of east India. The Archaeological Museum, located on the northern side of the Sun temple, houses a large variety of antique.

Puri : – jagannath temple puriPuri is the most famous tourist spot of Orissa. Puri is known for the Lord Jagannath. Beaches and temples of Puri are the important attraction for tourists. Jagannath temple is the main attraction in Puri. Jagannath temple is one of the biggest temples in Orissa. This temple was founded in the 12th century and devoted to Lord Jagannath. Kuruma is a small ancient village in puri built between 9th – 10th centuries A.D., it lies about 8 km to the south-east of the Sun Temple.

Bhubaneswar : – Bhubaneswar is the capital of Orissa state and situated on eastern route. Bhubaneswar has the best temples, which attract the tourists in Orissa. Some of them are as follow – Mukteswar temple, Kedargauri temple, Siddheswar temple, Lingaraja temple, Yogini temple, Parasuramesvera temple and Rajarani temple. Udayagiri caves and Khandagiri caves, Handicraft museum, Nandankanan wild life sanctuary and Orissa state museum are also more attractive places to attract tourists.

Udaigiri cave and Khandagiri cave : – Udaigiri cavesThese caves attract the tourist so much due to their popularity. These are the tirthankar caves and related to Jainism. Like as Radha Kund, Shyam Kund, Gupta Ganga and Akshay Ganga.

Ratnagiri : – Ratnagiri is related to Buddhism and situated on a small hill that is surrounded by rivers. Udaigiri, along with Ratnagiri and Lalitagiri, forms the Buddhist Triangle in India. According to the archeological survey the place existed and flourished between the 7th – 12th Century.

Lingaraj Temple : – Lingaraj Temple - bhubaneswarLingaraj temple is an important tourist spot in Orissa. This temple is devoted to Lord Shiva. Lingaraj temple is ornamented with sculptures. The height of this temple is around 54.8 meters. The statue of Lord Shiva is made up of granite.

Chilka Lake : – Chilka LakeChilka Lake is large (1,100 sq km.) Lake in all over Asian continents. Chilka Lake is the best picnic spot. Here you can enjoy fishing, boating and bird watching. During the tour of Orissa you can spend time here for relaxation.

Sisupalgarh : – Sisupalgarh is just two kilometers away from Lingaraj Temple of Bhubaneswar. There are some historical evidences to prove that the Orissian civilization is ancient.

Nandankanan National Park :- Nandankanan is a biological park. The animals live in their natural habitat. The zoo is divided from the botanical garden by a lake. Black Panthers, Lions, Tigers, Clouded leopards, Brown Bear, Black Bear, Grey Pelican, Gharials, Rosy Pelican, Crocodiles, King Cobra, Indian Python etc. are the attraction of zoo. Nandankanan is famous for white tigers. On other side botanical garden preserves different varieties of plants, flowers and fruits.

Dhauli :- dhauli Peace PagodaDhauli hill memories the history of kalinga war. Here the terrible Ashoka was transformed into Ashoka the Buddhism. On the hill you can see the edicts of Ashoka. A temple of Dhavaleswar was reconstructed in 1972. One of the major attractions of the Dhauli Hills is a Shanti Stupa (Peace Pagoda). Situated on the opposite hill, this stupa was built by the Indians, in collaboration with the Japanese.

Barabati Fort: Barabati FortBarabati fort is one of the major tourist attractions of Orissa. Located in Cuttack on the banks of River Mahanadi. The fort was founded by King Nrupa Keshari is spreading across the area of 102 acres. The fort was initially constructed in 11th century and was later on reestablished in 14th Century.

Bindusagar lake : The Bindusagar Lake is one of the popular tourist attractions of Bhubaneswar, Lying to the north of the Lingaraja Temple. In fact the lake has been gaining more and more popularity amongst the tourists as a picnic spot.

Mukteswar temple mukteswar temple bhubaneswarLocated in Bhubaneshwar, dedicated to Lord Shiva, Mukteswar temple is also known as the ‘Gem of Orissa architecture’. Its major highlights consist of the exquisite carvings that depict ascetics in different meditative pose. There is a large well on the eastern side of the temple.

Rajarani temple of Bhubaneshwar : Rajarani temple of Bhubaneshwaris dedicated to Lord Brahma. The origin of this temple can be dated back to the eleventh century. It is an epitome of elegance and grace. The sculptural images adorning its façade and interiors are simply outstanding.

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