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It is always exhilarating to travel across the globe in vacations or in holidays with your family member or loved ones. But how about insurance coverage if you face mishappening during the trip? It is one of the most discussed issues since last year on the internet on whty to buy international travel insurance policy for foreign trip to make your tour safe and secure. But how about life insurance, health insurance or mediclaim policy that you already have? Do you still require travel insurance policy along with health cover plan! Confused? In this article, we offer you benefits of overseas travel insurance policy over life and medical insurance and what is the best way to buy it and claim travel insurance policy. Just check it out;

Benefits of travel insurance
Overseas travel insurance entails all medical expenses cost
It allows provision for emergency and medical assistance cost
It offers claim when hospitalized abroad
It provides repatriation claim when you return back
It covers non refunded transpiration cost and other abroad financial loss
It also provides claim for personal liability like you hurt someone or third party cost
It provides a separate cover if you get involved in litigation during the visit
It offers claim for luggage lost, flight cancellation, and lot more

How to buy good travel insurance plan:

You can easily buy travel insurance cover from the internet as there are different trust and reliable insurance lenders like policybazaar.com, ICICI, HDFC, Bajaj, etc. All these insurance lenders offer all kinds if insurance including travel insurance. So, anyone can buy travel insurance easily, even once you contact insurers to buy policy, they will guide and tell you which is the best one. So, there is no concern here. The only concern here is people always search for cheap insurance policy whenever they plan to buy insurance coverage with travel, but it is the biggest mistake. However, you can save some bucks by buying low priced policy, but risk factor remains because your coverage amount will decreased. So, if you face any mishappening during foreign trip and get hospitalized for few days, you will have to bear the cost since you have low coverage.

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