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Do you wish to travel to land of culture, religion and colors? Well, India offers everything. But before travelling to India, here are some tips for the first time visitors to consider:

Do extensive research

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Going to India is not as easy as visiting Greece, Thailand, etc. It is a diverse, massive and ancient place, so it can become an overwhelming. Knowing as much as you can can help ou to better understand their culture and prepare you. For instance many tourists visit Rajasthan, but doesn’t understand that desert is a westernized place. Far from it, Rajasthan is one of traditional places in in India. Wearing a tank top or shorts is not appropriate and it can grab unwanted attention. On the other hands, there are certain parts of India like Mumbai where wearing western and revealing clothes is far more acceptable.
Adjust depending upon the place you are going to visit

If you are from western countries like Canada, USA, UK or Germany, you cannot come to India and expect that you will be able to do freely all the things that you did there or at your home. You have to accept the reality that India is a traditional society and is undergoing paradigm change. It is wise to play safe and wear loose, modest clothes and avoid wearing too friendly clothes or avoid too much friendly behaviour with men and be cautious at night.
Be assertive, not polite

People who visit first time in India need to stay safe. Most of time how you carry yourself plays an important role in your experience. If you are assertive and confident, you are less likely to grab unwanted attention. Apparently, rapist look for travelers who they perceive to be an easy target or women whom they see won’t be able to fight. The culture of politeness doesn’t work in India. It is better to become cold and ignore them.
how you associate with men

In India, you have to be careful how you associate or relate with men, especially less educated men in India, like autorickshaw driver, transportation or ward boy. In other words, if you are overfriendly with them, you can invite unnecessary problems from you or you may give wrong signals. It is unfortunate how these man perceive travelers, especially woman travellers and they consider overfriendly nature as available woman. India is a traditional state where both gender don’t mix too freely.

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