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The Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir is one of the best known tourist destinations in the entire country as a whole and is a place which travelers can make their way to at any given time in the year. Baramulla is a scenic town in this state and receives travelers from various corners of the globe. The accommodation options in the town are those that are there in the form of inns and lodges and are affordable for tourists of every possible budget. The local food is quite delicious and the people over here are very warm and friendly.

Buddhist Temples

There are quite a few Buddhist temples in the city of Baramulla which one can go and visit when arriving over here. The Buddhist temples in the city allow both men and women to enter and donations are accepted and are to be made in a donation box. What is particularly outstanding about the Buddhist temples here is the unique art and architecture which was conceived several thousand years ago. The morning hours are a good time to visit the temples as the monks can then be found praying over here and one can engage in praying activities then if necessary.


The city of Baramulla in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir is also well known for its mosques. The city has a Muslim population of a substantive size and the mosques in the city are those that are quite historic and date back to the medieval period of Indian history. The mosques are situated in the heart of the city and can be reached using the hired car services.

Thus, there are many exciting points associated with travel to the city of Baramulla which one has to keep in mind when considering visiting this destination.

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