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Belur is an exotic destination for travelers to visit in the Indian state of Karnataka and is not situated too far away from the capital city of Bangalore. Belur is primarily a pilgrimage destination and receives tourists from near as well as afar. The best time to make a trip to Belur would be in the winter season when it is not hot and when touring can be done in a relaxed and carefree manner. There are good hired car services in the city which one can use in order to navigate around properly.

Ramakrishna Mission
belur mathThe Ramakrishna Mission in Belur is one of the most famous sightseeing destinations in India as a whole and there are throngs of tourists visiting this place at all times in the year. Silence has to be observed at the math over here. It is a place that was founded by the Indian saint Ramakrishna and is now a center for learning as well as religion. There are no tickets to buy for the purpose of entry and travelers can use their cameras quite freely in order to take pictures in and around the place.

Research Center in Belur
There is also a well known research center for Indian history and religion at the city of Belur in Karnataka which receives scholars from around the world for partaking in learning and research activities over here. The research center is centrally located and can be reached using the rental car services.

Thus, it is indeed quite a good idea to make one’s way to the city of Belur in southern India in order to have a relaxing vacation as well as a good learning experience in an exotic destination. The place is well connected and can be reached from any part of India.

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