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The Kumaon Himalayas region located in the Indian state of Uttarakhand in the Eastern part of the state, and many prominent hill stations like Nainital comes under the Kumaon region. Conjure up a kaleidoscope of images of breathtaking natural beauty. Ranging from shimmering lakes, deeply forested hill slopes, emerald green rolling meadows, offbeat quaint hamlets, fruit orchards to a fish eyes view of the mighty snow-clad Himalayan peaks and mesmerizing sunsets.

kumaon UttarakhandFrom sighting the Bengal tiger at Corbett Wildlife Sanctuary perhaps on elephant back to boating and sailing in mountain lakes, from long walks and soft treks in the mountains and through local Kumaoni villages and ancient temples, to just unwinding or introspecting – Kumaon offers it all. This hill belt is a photographer’s delight, an artist’s dream and a writer’s inspiration.

Trekking Sessions
The uniqueness about trekking in Kumaon Himalayas is that trekking is carried out all year round here, but the best periods to trek here are from April to June and September to November. Every area of the Kumaon region has its own specialty.

kumaon trekkingThe Uttarakhand Himalayas of this region are the most gorgeous trekking areas in the country. They are situated at an elevation, surrounded by lush green forest and snow-capped mountains. The Uttarakhand Himalayas offer a bonanza for nature lovers and bird-watchers as they are full of wildlife. Uttarakhand is a beautiful region with the wide Himalayan range, colorful heritage and loving people.

kumaon HimalayasThe Kumaon region is unique because it offers an amalgamation of activities. It offers a clear view of the Himalayas and is also visited by pilgrims as there are many festivals during the months of Navratra. Moreover, this Himalayan region also offers interesting sites for students and researchers as it has places of archaeological and sculptural importance.

kumaon hillsPeople of Kumaon have interesting family set-ups and a rich culture which they have preserved since thousands of years. They are also very good mountaineers and can provide very good tips and help for the people who want to trek in this region. This region has the best hill stations, not only in India, but also in the world as they have the comfort of modern hill resorts assorted with easy access to nature. It makes this region a preferred choice for adventure vacation and photography.

Treks routes
Kafni Glacier TrekThe easy treks in here are the Kafni Glacier Trek and the Pindari Glacier Trek. Situated between the snow-capped Nanda Devi and Nanda Kot Mountains, Pindari is a glacier which is steep and measures 3 kilometers in length and 0.25 kilometers in breadth. This is there the River Pindar originates and flows down to the river Alaknanda. pindari glacier trekA trek to the Pindari Glacier is an easy and delightful experience and can be undertaken by any trekker, amateur or professional.

The treks take 10 days or more, but the routes are not that steep and the weather conditions are favorable. The moderate treks of this Himalayan Region are the Milam Glacier Trek and the Sunderdhunga Base Camp Trek. These treks take more than 14 days. The tough treks here are the Nanda Devi East Base Camp Trek and the Adi Kailash Trek. These treks take 18 days and 22 days respectively. You can imagine how difficult it must be to climb on steep routes for so many days in such adverse climatic conditions. Moreover, the trekkers have to spend nights in tents with very basic facilities and during the day they have to carry heavy bags on their backs.

Nothing good comes easy. So if you want to explore the Kumaon Nature Treks, go in for the easy treks if you are an amateur and go in for the moderate and tough treks if you are a seasoned trekker and experience the beauty.

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