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This is one of the grandest buildings in the Indian city of Lucknow in the state of Uttar Pradesh and is visited by travelers from various parts of the world and at all times of the year, in the summer as well as in the winter. The Bara Imambara is a typical Nawabi structure and reflects the glory of Mughal Rule in this part of the country in the olden days. There are tickets that need to be bought in order to get to the interiors of the structure and upon entering one can get to see the most lavish paintings and art works, some of which were conceived in the period of colonial rule in Indian history and politics. The paintings inside are those that cannot be touched and people who are found to be doing so may be caught and heavily fined by the authorities over here.
bara imambara lucknow
There are very good options for accommodation that travelers can make use of in and around this location. The accommodation options in the city are those that are there in the form of motels and inns. There are five star hotels in the main city area but these are meant for those use of those who belong to the high end budget only and who cannot afford to spend a good deal of money on accommodation. The hostels for women in particular are much in demand and the rooms here need to be booked well in advance.

Thus, visiting the Bara Imambara in the Indian city of Lucknow would certainly be a good thing to do on the part of any visitor to this city. It is a beautiful structure and remains open for public viewing from eleven in the morning till six in the evening time.

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