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Wagah is the place for practicing military activities and it is followed by both Pakistan and India on a jointly basis since the year 1959. The ceremony of lowering of flags is held at Wagah border everyday during the sunset. The Wagah border was the only link by road between India and Pakistan till the opening of aman setu which is in Kashmir. Wagah border is a part of the grand trunk road.

wagah ceremonyAman setu was opened in the year 1999. The ceremony is celebrated in a huge manner and the opening was started with the parade made by the soldiers of both the sides. Again it ends accordingly in a coordinating manner that is by lowering of the flags of both the nations. At the international level this ceremony was known as beating retreat border’s ceremony.

wagah borderOn either side of the gate a jawan always stands at attention and during the sun set the gate which is made up of iron opened up. The two flags of both the nations lowered down simultaneously. At the end, the soldiers of both the countries made handshake with each other and the flags get folded. The ceremony ends beautifully with a retreat and visitors from all around the globe visited the place to see the wonderful scenario.

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