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Kerala in South India is considered to be special mainly for its charming lakes, river water and waterfalls. Though there are plenty of places and spots to visit in Kerala, yet the waterfalls are also an important part of the entire trip to Kerala. Therefore, every tourist must make an opportunity to watch out some of the most famous waterfalls located in this entire state.

Some of the common waterfalls in Kerala include:

Palaruvi Waterfalls:
Palaruvi WaterfallsThis is one of the most charming waterfalls in Kerala, because a torrent runs from a height of 300 feet. This is the reason for which it is not only a tourist spot, but it is also a favourite picnic spot in South India. It is located at a distance of about 75km from Kollam and is surrounded by dense tropical forest. This in turn can give a spellbound experience to the tourists.

Athirapally and vazhachal waterfalls:
athirapally waterfallsThese waterfalls are actually part of the same river Chalakuddy. The cool and misty waters generally run in the backdrop of the forests and the rocky terrains and this in turn, offers amazing and spectacular views of the place.

Thusharagiri Waterfalls:
Thusharagiri WaterfallsThis is basically a gurgling waterfall and is a part of Chalippuzha River. This waterfall diverges into a river creating a snow like spray from where it has derived its name. Is forms a unique kinship between the land and the water, and therefore, provides an exhilarating sight to the tourists.

Meenmutty waterfalls:
meenmutty waterfallThis is considered to be the tallest of all the waterfalls located in the entire state of Kerala. It is actually situated in Wayanad and generally cascades over three different stages and as a whole it falls from a height of about 300 meters. It is considered to be the ideal spot for trekking.

Perunthenaruvi waterfalls
Perunthenaruvi waterfallsThe waterfall is located 14 kms from Pathanamthitta and is a popular tourist destination for the tourists. The name of the waterfall Perunthenaruvi literally means ‘The Great Honey Stream;. The waterfalls are renowned for the wide span of area these cover, rather than their height.

Power House Falls
The waterfalls are located 18 kms from the Munnar town. The Power House waterfalls is one of the most popular waterfalls present in Kerala. Power House Waterfalls is a gushing stream that runs down from a height of about 2000 m from steep rocks. The Power House waterfalls’ water is supposed to have healing powers, it is supposed to heal many ailments.

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