The first time flyers are often disorganized and bothered about their first fly. Be it an international or a domestic flight, travelers become poorly puzzled with the entire process of air travel management. Below here listed are 12 life-saving tips to help you with your first fly. Nevertheless, these points will also benefit you in a smooth and hassle free debut air journey.

  1. Book your tickets in advance

Always try to make a booking well in advance of your journey date. May be two or three months before. This will gift you a cheaper ticket than those brought at the eleventh hour of the journey. It will also fade away your notion that air tickets are costly!

  1. Carry a valid ID proof

Make sure you carry any Government ID proof. You need to show it besides your ticket at the airport counters. Be careful with your passport and other important documents.

  1. Know your baggage allowance

Every airline has their own baggage rules. Know them beforehand you pack your suitcases. Crossing the allowable baggage limits may charge you extra bucks during the time of check in.

  1. Web check in

To avoid long queues at the airport, you can have a web check-in one or two days before your flight. Self-check-in desks are available at the airport too.

  1. Mark your trolley

Often people use tags to mark their luggage. You can also do the same. You can even put labels on them and write your name and contact on it. This reduce the chances of misplace of luggage.

  1. What’s in the bag; the cabin bag and the hand bag
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While you take your boarding pass, you have to give away your cabin bag to the airline staffs. Don’t worry, you will have your hand bag accompanying you in the flight. Make sure your hand bags don’t carry formidable items like razors, and scissors. Go through the baggage rules and you will come to know about them.

  1. Retain the boarding pass till the journey ends

Once you get the boarding pass, retain it carefully till you reach your destination. The pass needs to be produced at the respective airline counters in case of any mishap like lost of baggage.

  1. Don’t panic

Make sure you have enough time at the airport. Reach 2-3 hours prior depending on your flight schedule and type (domestic or international). Don’t rush at the queues. Wait patiently for your turn.

  1. At the flight

Keep some anti vomiting tablets or candies. Many travelers develop a vomiting tendency while the flight takes off. Don’t panic in such situation. Always call for help to the air hostesses.

  1. What if you want to cancel your ticket

Know the individual airline cancelation policies. Study them well and cancel your ticket well in advance. This will ensure a maximum refund of the booking amount.

  1. Good to know

Every airline offers food and beverages at an added cost. You can buy from them or even carry your own to the flight.

  1. Relax and enjoy

As your flight takes off read a book or listen to music with your headphones on. If nothing suits you, just have a good sleep.

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Whola! You are done. That’s how you enjoyed your first fly!

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