The state of Maharashtra features a number of excellent beaches as well as beach resorts along its coastline. The state also has a lot of historical and heritage sites to check out and many old colonial forts.

Located along the shores of the Arabian Sea, one can find one of the busiest and most popular beaches in the country. Located near the city of Mumbai, you can find the Juhu beach which boasts a number of excellent resorts as well as a very attractive nightlife thanks to the local cities of Mumbai, Kulfi and Bhelpuri.

Another popular beach in Mumbai is the Chowpatty Beach which played an important role in India’s freedom movement as well as home to the annual Ganesha Chaturthi Festival.

If you are looking for something a little more secluded near Mumbai and also great to take the family to, why not try Madh Island Beach which features a number of bungalows making it a very popular picnicking destination by both the locals as well as visitors to the metropolitan area.

For a little more serenity, all you have to do is head just north of Mumbai to the small fishing village of Marve. This city has a beautiful and quiet beach, which is only quiet by day as when the sun goes down, Marve is known for its night time beach parties.

If you are looking for spacious beaches which are fringed with palm trees then look no further than the former capital of Siddis of Janjira. The beaches along the coastline of Murud are considered to be spacious and awe inspiring as well as quiet. This can make a visit to the beaches here even better if you are looking for a more serene atmosphere.

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An important part of India’s rich ship building industry from the 17th century can be found in Baseein. The beaches also serve for historical importance as the location in which the Portuguese were defeated by the Marathas. The beaches along this ancient city are none the less amazing and a great choice to get away from the hectic city atmosphere since it is only 77 kilometers away from Mumbai.

For one of the most breathtaking beaches in Maharashtra, you need to stop by and check out the long stretches of beaches found only at Vengurla. The rich shoreline vegetation offers many pallet quenching fruits like coconuts, jackfruit and mangoes. The sand shimmers in the afternoon light and when you are finished at the beach you can visit the Vengurla rocks which are better known as the Burnt Islands.

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