India Travel Tips

India is one of the most exotic destinations in the whole world and is a place that is visited by travelers at all times of the year. India is a country that is rich in history and culture and there are very good navigation options that tourists can utilize in all the major cities, in the form of rental cars and tourist buses. Accommodation options are also available in plenty for tourists of every possible budget. The climate in India is conducive for sightseeing in both summer and winter. There are a number of tips that one ought to keep in mind, when exploring the various parts of this lovely country.

20 Various India travel Tips to follow while traveling in India

1 One of the most important tips that one has to keep in mind, when travelling in India, particularly people who come from Europe and America is to carry their own boiled water with them. Regular water in India is contaminated and one can do oneself severe harm by resorting to the consumption of even mineral water here, if one is visiting from a European or American destination.

2 Women travelers from overseas in particular need to be aware about how they dress. India is a conservative country and it is always a good idea to wear long and loose flowing clothes so as to avoid attracting attention and keeping oneself safe.

3 Tourists must carry their passports at all times with them, and this is something that is applicable for even domestic tourists. Often, especially at the airports and train stations, passengers maybe requested to furnish a valid photo identity.

4 When opting for rental car services for travel in the country of India, it is always a good idea to make reservations in advance. Only by doing so, can one actually be able to make use of these. Rental car booking can be done through the travel sites that are there online.

5 One has to avoid the crowds at the tourist destinations in order to be able to explore them in the best possible manner. Areas like the Jaganath Temple in Orissa and the Belur area down South are always bustling with tourists, so one should venture to these places in the early hours of the morning or the late hours of the evening to enjoy some peaceful sightseeing.

6 Routes when travelling in India have to be chosen wisely. Opt for package tours that take you to specific places, such as the Golden Triangle tour, which takes travelers to Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

7 One should try to explore the various destinations in the country of India at a slow pace. There is so much to see and do and one should avoid being in a rush to see everything at one go. A relaxed attitude is quite imperative.

8 It is also important to stay healthy when travelling in India. Taking recourse to the consumption of street food is not advisable and one should choose to eat at reputed restaurants or make food at one’s own accommodation in order to stay fit and fine.

9 There are touts and scams at all the Indian airports as well as railway stations. It is vital for travelers therefore to keep their cool and avoid getting into a scuffle with these people or giving into their demands.

10 When travelling by train, one should try and reserve a compartment for oneself as the trains in India are normally very crowded and sharing a compartment with other people can invite a lot of disturbance which can spoil an otherwise delightful holiday experience for a tourist.

11 Women should avoid engaging in conversations with strangers. By doing so, they can avoid troubles of eve teasing and rape which are unfortunately known to be quite common in India.

12 One must keep one’s wallet close to oneself at all times. There are plenty of pickpockets in the streets, buses and metros who can pinch it stealthily.

13 Women should especially be confident when they are moving about from one place to another in India. Trouble is invited often when women tourists are dazed and confused about where they want to go and can fall prey to dangerous people as a result.

14 Women travelers in India should preferably have a companion travelling along with them. It is not safe to move about alone in this country.

15 Women tourists should also refrain from borrowing money from the locals. Harassment is ten times more when this happens and often results in crime taking place against the borrower.

16 It is important to travel with light luggage when moving about in the country of India. Heavy luggage can prove to be burdensome and can also result in getting lost, given the crowds that prevail here.

17 It is also imperative to keep an eye on one’s belongings when travelling around the country of India. One should make it a point to count each and every piece of luggage in order to ensure that nothing has got stolen.

18 Keeping medicines at hand, especially when travelling in the summer season, is always a good idea. Dehydration can be combated by carrying plenty of lime water with oneself.

19 For tourists who visit India for the first time, it is important to carry out a research on accommodation destinations before arriving in India. There are some hotels and resorts which charge an exorbitant amount of money for the most minimal of services.

20 Travelers in India should be aware of the rates of local transportation in order to avoid getting duped. One can inform oneself about this by visiting the official website of the ministry of tourism in India which contains detailed information about local transportation rates and also the prices of local goods and commodities.

Thus, there are quite a few tips that one ought to keep in mind when touring the tropical destination of India in South Asia. Taking these tips into consideration will result in a smooth, hassle free and consequently enjoyable travel experience for a person visiting this country for the first time.

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