What tour you can plan with your friends?

You can explore the different sea routes, enjoy swimming, surfing, water sports or throw water parties, and savor the local food but be careful about certain things:

  • You need to have a deep knowledge about the ship’s technical system
  • Emergency systems need to be taken into account
  • Local knowledge about the area is must
  • Frequencies and home bases need to be memorized
  • Need to have accurate weather forecast in your mind
  • Also, you need to have first- hand experience about the size of the yacht that you are driving, some extra money and a friend in need.

If money is burning in your pocket, it is the best option, but be a little bit responsible.

The duration of the tour is at least 7 days and minimum people that can accompany you on this tour are 6.

Harley Bike Tours

Have you ever dreamt of owning a Harley Davidson bike or want to ride on this iconic machine? Well, there are various countries and cities that offer you such rides and one among them is New Zealand. These tours are one-of-a-kind and ideal for group riders as well as for individual man or woman.

What all you can do?

You can do enormous things like that can change your life. Like

  • custom Harley Davidson Tours
  • Enjoy basic economy and luxury tours
  • Customized tours are available
  • You can do fishing, hiking, surfing for multiple nights at various locations
  • Ride on the bike and taste the world in a different way
  • You can even go for a pillion riding
  • Sightseeing
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What distinct such tour with standard tours is-you don’t need to be a license holder or a trained Harley Davidson owner. You can go for a fortnight and enjoy the ride across North or South Island and explore the country at its best.

The duration of the tour is at least 2 hours or it can be extended to 15 days. A group of 10 to 20 bikers are required.

Football Fan freak

Ever thought of playing football with your friends in the field? Well, there are various companies that arrange club football matches during the eve of Christmas and New Year, like English Premier League and La Liga Fan tours. You can sign up for the tour and opt for English league or Barcelona or La Liga. In case, you opt for La Liga, a representative, will be there to guide you about the hotel check- ins and other travel itineraies. If you don’t wish to play, you can go to a stadium and enjoy the football matches of your favorite team. Everyday is dotted with special leisure activities. These leagues have special fun forums from where you can book the tickets.

The tournament is for beginners, who want to demonstrate their abilities on the field. Considering the kind of tournament is being held, the exciting prizes are also distributed. The duration of this tour is at least 5 days and minimum people that you can take along are 10.

So, this friendship day don’t sit at home, plan something big. Discover the true meaning of friendship on such leisure vacations. We, wish our readers a very Happy and cool Friendship Day. If you have some ideas or suggestions or want to voice your opinion, do let us know in the comment section given below.

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