Where you can go with your crazy friends?

There is no particular way to celebrate Friendship Day, you can throw a bash for your bestie or you can peacefully pass the leisure time or you can even plan a vacation together. In this post, we will tell you few things that top the experience of vacationing with your buddies. Here’s what you can do together:

Cricket Tour

This Friendship Day, take your friend to the cricket grounds of Australia, England and South Africa, here you can play by signing up for a Cricket tour. What’s special about these places is-you can play six matches at local club grounds, against the local teams. All you require is 14 fanatic cricket fans. The people prefer England in summer months, Australia and South Africa in winter months. Here you can enjoy at least six T-20 matches, apart from sightseeing and staying in the club hostels.

The duration for the tour is 10 days and the minimum friends that you can take along are 14. Come on, this friendship day, get set go to Australia!

For car crazy friends

Want to drive as fast as you can? Or want to drive a sportscar in full throttle? Well, there are various countries and cities like Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Austria that offer a top notch autobahn experience. What actually is autobahn? Well, in this journey you can push the envelope and drive as fast as you can on public highways, but of course you need to follow certain rules. And we must probably don’t need to tell you that these countries take their rules and regulations seriously like

  • Car can be overtaken only from the left. Passing from the right is strictly prohibited.
  • Second, if your car is not able to tolerate high speed, a sticker must be placed on the windshield about the maximum tire’s speed and so on.
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It is the most breathtaking experience. All you need is 12 like minded car crazy friends. A wide range of car options are available like Mercedes, BMW, Audie R8, Porsche car, and a lot more.

The duration for this tour would be around 12 days and the minimum friends that you can take along are 12.

Celebrate this friendship day in yacht

Celebrate the friendship day, in yacht, sailing across the world, like a millionaire. The ride takes off from cities like Croatia, Greece, Italy, Thailand and British Virgin lands. Even you have a privilege to drive it yourself.

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