A sneak peek on tradition and culture of Kerala


Kerala is famed as God’s own country. It has so many beautiful places to visit. The city is famous for its scenic beauty. It is dotted by the Dravidian style of architecture and is famous for its majestic temples.

Starting from beaches to hill stations to backwaters to wild- life sanctuaries, the city is a paradise for the travelers. It is one among the first state to achieve a high literacy rate. Agriculture is the main occupation here. The crops like tea, coffee, rubber, coconut, cardamom and pepper are cultivated here, and the main economy of the state depends upon it.


Kerala situated in South India and its history dates back to 10th century. The city is the right amalgamation of cultural heritage and art work. It is famous for its rich Malayali culture.  The architecture of Kerala is highly influenced by ancient architectural science of Vastu Shastra.

Rituals that people follow

The people of Kerala are highly spiritual and Pothanu Mathirayum is a ritual that is celebrated with high fervor. According to this ritual, the dancers dress themselves as Goddess Kali and dance in shrines of the village to destroy the evil demon Daarikan.  Patayani is another famous ritual that is carried across the banks of river Pamba. In this, the dancer tells a tale of how good wins over evil by taking up the different role play. Midiyettu and Koothu are other similar rituals.

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Kerala is famous for arts and crafts, some of the arts revolve around Chinese ceramics, brass-inlays, ceramic pots. Kerala’s ornaments are unique in design and made from gold. The people of Kerala are known for making handicraft items like carvings in rosewood and sandalwood.


Onam is the festival of harvest celebrated month of August and September with lots of grandeur for 10 days. Floors are decorated with flower designs. Dances and snake boat race called VALLAMKALI are carried out.


KAIKOTTI KALI, KUTHIYOTTAM, TIRUVATHIRA and THIRAYATTAM are the main folk dances in Kerala, done in front of the goddess BHAGYAVATI. KUMMATTKALI is the famous colorful mask dance of Malabar often performed during the festival of ONAM.



The local cuisine of Kerala is the combination of vegetables, meat and seafood with a variety of spices. Rice and coconut are the main part of the cuisine. Menu ranges from Mappila biryani, SADYA is lip- smacking. Kerala is heaven for sea- food lovers; a variety of prawns, lobsters, rockfish and squid are delicious. Coconut grows in abundance in Kerala hence coconut kernel, sliced or grated, coconut milk, coconut cream widely used for thickening and flavor. All the dishes are made with the help of rice and cassava served along with KOOTAN. Dishes are usually spicy and black peeper is used mostly to prepare. Other dishes include AVIA, KOZHIKODAN HALWA, APPAM-STEW COMBO, KAPPA, PUTTUMEEN CURRY which are consumed mostly. These all are served on the banana leaf as per local tradition.

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The best time to visit is September to February in Kerala when the season is relatively cooler. It is advisable to visit to view and feel amalgamation of festivals, scenic beauty, ayurvedic treatments and relish the local cuisine visit Kerala once.

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