Here is the list of 20 best hiking and trekking places in India 1. Roopkund Trek, Uttarakhand – Best time October to June Located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, the Roopkund Trek is known for its mysterious lake that is surrounded by hundreds of human skeletons. One can reach […]

Life’s Value Eating like gluttons Drinking to stupor Buying just the expensive Cruising the fastest And hanging out latest. Today, work has become a taboo Groceries, need a pass Night clubs forgotten Malls sealed tight Cars, mere junk of ore As roads look like some phantom residence Acquaintances keep their […]

India is blessed with some of the best beaches in the world. The country has over 200 picturesque beaches that offer beauty, action, and comfort and attract people from all the different places of the world to witness the beauty of Mother Nature and engage in various beach activities. However, […]

Ujjain is considered to be one of sacred cities of the Hindus in Madhya Pradesh, and is located at the embankments of Shipra River. The place is wrapped with history for which it reminds the tourists of the glorious pasts of India. There are plenty of mythological connections in this […]

Devgarh is situated in the district of Sindhudurg in the area of Maharashtra in the western part of India. Devgarh is also called as Deogarh or Devgad. Devgarh was ruled by King Ramadev Yadav. This place is situated in the south of Mumbai and on the Arabian Sea which is […]