Gadgets that you may need, while travelling

Though several people go for a digital detox, while they are holidaying, but we often forget that these devices make our holidays a lot easier and enjoyable. Yes, so this holiday season don’t take a break from these devices, as these gadgets go a long way in making the journey easy and comfortable. Here’s a list of carry on gadgets that you may need, while traveling:
Lug Loc Luggage Indicator– It uses GPS and GSM cellphone system to track the luggage. It features 40 day battery, just add it into your traveling for peace of mind.
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Konas Trackable Luggage Pants– Now, you can easily track your baggage from your smartphone. It is an app that you can download freely, plus this tracking service is free for life-time and there is no maintenance cost. This gadget comes with double life time warranty. This luggage pant is meant for people, who fret about baggage being lost in the transit.
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Soundmatters FoxL DASH7 Portable Sound Bar– It is a small device, not bigger than a pencil box, but you get hi-fi clarity, quality and 12 hours of battery life with this Bluetooth speaker. Now, camping has become much cooler and happening.
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Enhanced Noise Cancelling Earphones– While these earphones may be best for the ears, but they are also ideal acoustic noise cancelling ear buds around. The monoprice solidly blocks the sound while still delivering good bass sound and discernible dialogue, but with not pristine quality.
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SteriPEN Traveler– The UV light of this device creates safe drinking water, while you are in an emergency situations. How? Well, the UV lamp offers treatment for 3000 kind of water and it comes with one year warranty.
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Mophie Space Pack– This is suited for iPhone 5 and 5S. This space pack not only doubles the battery, but also gives an additional space to store the photos and videos. This makes it useful app for holiday.
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X Mini Speaker– This is a speaker with a twist. The capsule designed speaker comes with an inbuilt stereo. With upto 12 hours of play time, the device is able to provide endless hours of music.
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Infinity Pillow– This is a pillow with a twist and can be used as a neck-cushion, back support, eye mask, noise cancelling pillow, scarf, foot warmer and much more than that. It is ideal for long journey and uncomfortable long flights and train journeys.
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