Listen Bird Watching tours – There are a lot of birds in the forest and the natural unadulterated surrounds of the place and so it is a good way to spend your days in the nook of nature. It is peaceful and so the birds roam about without fear and […]

Listen Horsley hills are another tourist attraction of state Andhra Pradesh. It is considered as one of the magnificent hill stations and attracts numerous tourists. It is situated at a distance of 144km from Tirupati which is also a tourist attraction in Andhra Pradesh and is regarded as popular pilgrimage […]

Listen Doddabetta is the highest mountain of the Nilgiri hills at Tamilnadu. It is another famous hill station that attracts copious numbers of tourists each year. It is 9 km away from Ooty. The natural exquisiteness of this region is marvelous and unforgettable. With the exception of the natural grandeurs, […]

Listen If you are looking for a peaceful hill station for spending a nice vacation, Lavasa hill station is the ideal option for you. In fact, this is a hill station that is enriched with natural beauties that offers a balanced life in perfect balance with nature. Therefore, this can […]

Listen Baisaran is situated in Pahalgam in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. It is located at 5 km away from Pahalgam. Baisaran has great scenic view of the city along with the Lidder valley. The place is nearly 150 m over the sea level and streams flow over the […]

Listen Mashobra hill station is a charming hill station that is visited by large numbers of tourists at different times of the year. This is a small hill station that is located in Himachal Pradesh, and offers splendid views of the valleys and hills. Therefore, you can plan a trip […]

Listen Morni hills are situated in the village of Morni and it is one of the best tourist attractions in Haryana. It is located in the Panchkula district in the state of Haryana. It has a total distance of 42 kms from the Chandigarh state and is well-known for its […]

Listen Betaab Valley is located near Chandanwari and it is a popular tourist spot. The name is given after the release of a Bollywood movie “Betaab Valley” and it is named so as most of the shooting of the films was done in this area. The mountains are snowcapped with […]