Places to visit if you want to see a miracle

There are certain things in the world, which science cannot explain and it is called as a mystery or a miracle.

India being the land of cultural diversity, there are various places including the mountains of Ladakh in the Himalayas to remote villages of Tamilnadu to caves of Maharashtra to deserts in Rajasthan that unfolds miracles. Have a look at them

Balaji temple Rajasthan :- Situated in Dausa district, 255kms away from New Delhi, the temple has its own legend attached to it. The temple houses three main deities Lord Hanuman, Pret raj,Bhairva the king of spirits, which is believed to cure the evil spirits. The images of lord Hanuman and of Bhairva have said to be appeared thousands of years ago from Mehandipur Dham in Aravali Range. According to a legend, here people pour a bucket of boiling water on them still don’t get burnt. People are chained together like animals to be get cured. Prayers are performed.

Kamakhya Temple:-Situated at Guwahati, it is the famous pilgrimage center.This is one of the famous 108 shakti peeths. According to the legend is said that Lord Shivas wife Sati jumped into the fire and killed herself.Lord Shiva went insane and took the body of Sati did the Tandav dance. Lord Vishnu cut the pieces of the Sati to pacify Shiva the place where goddess womb & vagina fell is called kamakhaya temple.Kamakhaya Devi is called as a bleeding goddess. It is said that in the month of June goddess bleeds or menstruates for three days.Due to which river Brahmaputra becomes red. Although there is no scientific reason behind this.

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Kedarnath Temple Miracle:-One can say it as a miracle, that the recent floods in Guwahati river, was not able to destroy Nandi statue and other idols located inside the temple. Even it is said that devotees who were inside the temple during devastating floods were safe. Although death toll was huge.

Hanuman Temple At Jagnewa:-Situated in Jagnewa village in Jalaun district Uttar Pradesh, it is said that water in hand pump had miraculous powers of healing. People from far flung areas come here for the treatment.

Baitala Deula:- Located in Bhubaneswar, the place accommodates famous tantric center. There is a deity of mighty chamunda (kali) wearing a necklace of skulls and corpse at her feet. Tantriks feel that dim lights in the temple are the perfect place for absorbing age- old current of power which emanates from this spot.

Jwalaji Temple :- Situated in Kangra district Himachal Pradesh, it is the temple where are around 20,000 rats that are fed regularly.Rats can be seen eating from a big bowl of milk sweets and grains. In temple around seven or nine naturally occurring jyotis (flames) are continuously burning in flawless blue colour. This depicts the seven divine sisters of Maa Bhagwati.

These religious miracles may sound scary or engaging, but they do happen and it is not an exhaustive list. In the end, we would like to conclude Miracles happen to them who believe in the power of God.

Jyoti Bhatia

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