Some of the best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve in India

Constitutionally a secular country, a great number of festivals are held with great pomp throughout India. In fact, while there are some celebrations that are extremely regional while there are others that are pan-Indian. The celebration of New Year’s Eve is a pan-Indian phenomenon. The British had introduced it, way back during the time of colonialism, and today, it is celebrated with great pomp throughout the country.

How is New Year’s Eve celebrated in India?

This celebration, which has gradually become a part of the Indian culture with time, is more or less celebrated in the same way throughout the country. People sometimes decorate their homes with lights and the streets are always decked up during this time. Since it is only 6 days after Christmas, you find a lot of Christmas-y stuff like fruit cakes, wines, and pot roasts that become an important part of celebrating New Year as well. While the Metropolitans have a distinct way of its own, the towns and hill stations present a different mood altogether. It is indeed an experience to witness how New Year’s Eve is celebrated in the various places of the country. If you thought that you will have nothing to do on New Year’s Eve in India, then it is time to think again!

Let’s take a look at some of the best places in the country which are famed for their New Year Eve’s celebration:

  1. And Goa it is: New Year’s Eve is incomplete without a proper party with good food and wine! And when you want to party it out in the true New Year style, then Goa will be your perfect option. Goa, generally, remains crowded during this time of the year since it lies within its peak tourist season. Apart from this, a number of music festivals, as well as camping festivals, are organized in Goa during this time, helping it to become livelier than before! Goa decks up in lights, music and the aroma of mouth-watering dishes during this period of time. Some of the New Year parties are also organized on beaches, which are a sight that you cannot afford to miss. If you have the opportunity, then head out to Goa to celebrate this New Year’s Eve.
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  1. From Goa to Mumbai: You can also try celebrating your New Year eve in Mumbai. A city which never sleeps throughout the year fills with a different life altogether on the evening before the first day of the New Year. Since it is one of the major metropolitans of the country, there is no dearth of options here. You can go to Hard Rock Cafe and swing to some nice tunes, or you might just head to you club or a party. If you feel like celebrating it quietly with just a chose few, then you can always head out to Marine Drive.

  1. Right to the hills in Darjeeling: Though this small hill station in West Bengal is a well-known tourist destination, it is not famed for another important factor- the New Year celebrations that happen here. There is a huge mall, which forms the central point of the place. There is bandstand here where a band plays in the evening to set the festive mood. Darjeeling lights up in lights in every corner! You can eat to your heart’s content with food from either Glenary’s or Keventer’s. The chilly cold and the warm festive mood come together to create beautiful ambience perfect for celebrating a New Year’s Eve party.

  1. Doing it the Pondi way: Pondicherry is also another excellent option when it comes to spending your New Year Eve in the perfect way. While entire India suffered from the tyrannical rule of the British, this little place right by the Arabian Sea was under the influence of the French. The reminiscent of the French culture can still be felt in this city thanks to the style of the houses and the excellent cuisine that this place has to offer. If you wish for a fresh start to life, then you can try some spiritual counselling at Arabindo Ashram as well. Pondicherry has an attitude of its own, and it is bound to make your New Year celebrations different.

  1. Up to Gangtok in Sikkim: Often given the epithet- “Switzerland of the East,” Gangtok in Sikkim is one of the liveliest places to celebrate your New Year’s Eve. With a culture similar to that of Darjeeling, Sikkim is a place that will provide you with a unique atmosphere of its own. You will also get a wonderful sight of the surrounding hills while getting ready to celebrate in the evening. All in all, Gangtok is one of the perfect places to be in on 31st of December.
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  1. In the streets of Kolkata: Though mainly famous for the Durga Puja celebrations, Kolkata is also one of the places that light up in excitement when it comes to celebrating the 31st There is a particular street in the city, known as Park Street, which is decorated with lights. No corner, no shop no tree branch is laid bare! Park Street is particularly famous for the lines of excellent restaurants that you will find here. So, if you head out there for the celebrations, not only will you get to feel the festive spirit to its optimum, you will also get to enjoy some mouth-watering dishes. People dress up and even carry whistles and shiny caps in the spirit of celebration. Apart from Park Street, people find out their own areas of celebration as well. New Year parties at homes and clubs are very common on 31st night. You will rarely come across anybody sitting at home on this particular evening!

Now that you know which the best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve in India are, you can choose the one you like best. All you have to do is remember not to cause anyone any disturbance in your excitement to celebrate, and then, you are set to party as hard as you want!

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