Some of the best reasons to visit India during monsoon which you simply can’t say no to

India, a land of biodiversity and diverse cultural as well, is in general a very colourful place. If you are intent on visiting this country, then you can do it at any time of the year. Being a tropical country, located quite near to the equator, India enjoys a more or less hot and humid climate during the larger share of the year in most the parts of the country. The problem with this sort of a climate is that it becomes rather hectic and taxing for the tourists to explore the cities and towns. If you are an avid traveller and if you really do wish to explore this vast country, rich in cultural heritage, then the best option for you would be to beat the heat. There are two times of the year when you can actually escape the sweltering tropical heat- winter and monsoon. However, winter is a time during which a lot of travellers flock to this country, and in general, you will find a crowd of tourists, wherever you go. So, the best option for you would be to visit India during the monsoons. The tourists thin out, and the cool ocean winds start blowing in with heavy rain clouds, during this time, making it perfect for exploring the various places of interest. Still not convinced? Well, here are some of the best reasons to visit India during monsoon, which would definitely tempt you:

  1. It is tea time: One of the most prized possessions of India is its tea. Tea from Darjeeling and Assam are some of the best in the world and during the monsoon, you find the best and the fresh of the lot. In fact, you can even pay a visit to the hill station of Darjeeling and treat yourself to some of the finest tea blends in the entire world. The beautiful hill station generally remains covered by clouds, and overall, it is a surreal experience, which one should not miss.

  1. Green all the way: Another major plus point about the monsoons is that everything gets washed and “purified” with the coming of the rain, and hence, you will find plenty of lush greenery all around. If you really want to explore and understand India, you would have to visit its villages. These villages make up the major population and also the main culture that defines this country. When the monsoon comes, it brings with it a burst of rain, which makes the countryside even more beautiful. Wherever you turn, you will find overflowing ponds and ditches and greenery everywhere. More often than not, our city eyes crave for some green, and this is the green that you need. In fact, it is believed that green as a colour is soothing to our eyes, and hence, we must expose ourselves, from time to time, to as much natural green as possible. All in all, paying a visit to the countryside is a real treat during the monsoon.
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  1. Less crowd, more fun: Since this is not the tourist season, this would be the best time to visit Goa, one of the most famous Indian destinations. In general, Goa is the hub of all parties and loud fun. The beaches remain crowded day and night with shacks propped up just a few feet apart from each other. People crowd to the beach during the morning to soak in the sun and play about in the water, whereas, almost all beaches turn into a party house at night. However, during monsoon, since the tourist inflow decreases, the beaches become less crowded, and the atmosphere becomes meditative. You will be able to sit on the beaches and enjoy the sound of the sea waves splashing on the shore, while enjoying a nice cool drink.

  1. Pay way less: Here is one of the best reasons to visit India during monsoon– it is cost effective. It is a known fact that when it is tourist season, the prices go high up and when it is not, they come down. Well, in India, they come down drastically, and you would get some of the best bargains possible at this point of time. You can even strike a deal where you have to pay half the original price! So not only is monsoon in India beautiful, it is less strain on the pockets too!

  1. Take a day off: If you do visit the country when the rain clouds hit, make sure that you take a day off from the hectic sight-seeing plans. Just enjoy some good food and take to the streets exploring the lives of the people and how they adjust to the downpours, especially the street urchins and the makeshift roadside shops. It is overall a remarkable experience, just observing how the people effectively tackle the rain and get all the fun out of it.
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  1. An uncommon experience: Well, here’s a thing that you should definitely try out, though it is a rather uncommon one. People, when visiting India, do visit Varanasi, especially during the months of October, ideally when Durga Puja or Dussehra is held. However, take a trip to Varanasi during the monsoon and enjoy a downpour sitting on the steps of the ghats. It is an ethereal experience, especially if you get to enjoy a shower at night. The black abyss in front and the heavy pitter-patter of the rain, all come together to create a beautiful atmosphere.

The above 6 are some of the best reasons to visit India during monsoon. These are experiences that you can only enjoy if it is the monsoon. Every season in India does have its own unique appeal, but Monsoon is the time when nature truly blossoms. The less inflow of tourists too, make this time desirable for avid travellers for exploration. In fact, the best way to enjoy the monsoons in all its glory would be to travel by road, just to get an idea of what India becomes with the touch of rain.

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