Things to do in Dawki – Meghalaya

Things to do in Dawki – Meghalaya

If you get fascinated by the scenic beauty, then Dawki is a destination meant for you. Located in Meghalaya district, the place is a hub of tourist and trade. This small town gives visitors enough of reasons to visit and stay here.

Things to do in Dawki : Activities for the adventure freaks

Camping- Camping in Dawki River offers you a pleasant experience. The beauty around the place beholds your eyes and let you stay there for a while. The riverside camping makes you feel refreshed. Truly, it is a part of Incredible India.

Kayaking-Kayaking is another exciting activity that you can do on the banks of Umgnot River. Though the water here remains still so kayaking won’t the tantalize taste buds of the adventure seekers. This site is perfect for people who are not adept at it or for beginners.

Zipline– the zipline activity provides you a thrilling experience. It is available in between two heights one is 2600 feet and other is 1200 feet. Go ahead, and pick your number and fly across the river like a bird.

Snorkeling- Even if you are a beginner at swimming, you are good to go. The clear under views of underwater offers you memories to cherish. This water activity is safe here and offers you a memorable experience.

Umgot River– Umgot River is also popularly known Dawki river. It is a small river that flows through the East Jaintia Hills. The untouched beauty of the water makes it adequate for boating. The river ends at the border of India and Bangladesh. The natural beauty of the river makes it a hot tourist bed. It is a place where visitors can do boating, fishing and a lot of other activities.

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Boating– Boating is the best way to explore the city to the fullest. You can ask the local fisherman for a boat ride and he will provide you with the length and breadth of the city along with the destinations that you cannot afford to miss.

What is the best time to visit Dawki?

Dawki is a destination that can be visited all year round. The town is blessed with natural scenic beauty and lush green forests. Winters are usually cold than summer and therefore sweater is required especially to beat the night conditions. Otherwise the weather remains pleasant here.

How to reach to this place?

Dawki is a destination that is well-connected from airport, railway and road transportation.

  • Air- The nearest airport that lies near to Dawki is Guwahati airport. It is located at a distance of around 200 kms from Dawki and it can be easily accessed by cab service.
  • Railway- The nearest rail service is at Guwahati from where one can easily hire a cab or a public transportation service.
  • Road- Dawki lies near to Shillong district and is well connected through the state buses and private buses.

Where to stay?

Shillong Is the best place for the visitors to stay because it offers several tourist accommodations for people from all walks of life. Starting from luxurious accommodation to budget accommodation, everything is available.

Cuisine to relish

Dawki offers delectable cuisine for the people of a different origin. You cannot afford to miss the Meghalayan delicacies like Jadoh, Makham Bitch, and sweet oranges, etc.

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Dawki is a beautiful place nestled amidst the natural beauty. It offers splendid experience to the visitors. The place has its own charm and offers you a peaceful stay. This place truly adds refreshment to your soul.

Jyoti Bhatia

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