Tourist destinations in Dasada, Gujarat

Every vacation brings with it some moments of joy and happiness. There are several tourist destinations that can turn out to be a weekend getaway, but nothing beats Gujarat. Gujarat hosts of innumerable sightseeing destination with lip-smacking food that can help you to de-stress yourselves from the daily routine. A sneak peek on Dasada Dasada is a small town located in Gujarat and is a major hub where migratory birds come together. It is a traditional and cultural hub, where the visitors can experience authentic rural life. Tourist destinations that need a special mention here As told above, the tourists can indulge in bird-watching as Dasada is a home to several migratory birds. The ornithologists come here to capture and collect the snapshots of wide range of birds which includes Flamingos, Bustard, and a lot more. The beauty of this place can’t be comprehended easily. This home-town offers a fascinating view of tribal arts and culture of local people. Apart from that, the town will introduce you to rare animals and bird species that give life to this place. Attractions to visit The town boats of several tourist destinations which include Vaijnath Mahadev temple- The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and what make this temple highly popular is from this temple the water spills from lingam itself. Built various centuries ago, but it is a highly maintained temple. The devotees from all across the globe can come here to witness the spirituality at its best. It is a  must visit temple if you are planning to go to Dasada.
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Rajeshwari Mata Temple- This age old temple is constructed in a unique way to give its visitors a darshan that will be remembered in their memories for long time.  The temple is calm and large enough to accommodate tourists. The people from different caste and creed come here to get drenched in the world of spirituality. This wall carvings of this temple is truly one-of-a-kind and give the visitors a reason to smile. The calmness and tranquility experienced here cannot be described in words. Ghudkhar Sanctuary- Situated in Run of Kutch, this wild life sanctuary boasts of offering shelter to wild asses. It is one-of-a-kind sanctuary and was established in 1973 with an aim to provide home to endangered species of animals. The sanctuary is spread across 500 acres and is popularly called as ghudkhar, which still resides in the sanctuary. The animal is known for its high running speed and the wild ass tends to live groups and migrate to grassy lands in the search of food. There are more than 3000 wild asses that live in this sanctuary and the best time to visit is October- November.  Apart from wild ass, this sanctuary protects 32 other kinds of creatures including desert fox, jackals, Nilgao and Indian Gazelle, wolves, hyena, to name  a few. The sanctuary hosts a separate place for the birds to where migratory birds come and settle. There are various species of birds that find its shelter there including bulbul, cranes, Flamingo, Pelican, etc. The sanctuary also boasts of 93 different kinds of invertebrates. The tourists who plan to visit here can stay in hotels and resorts that are located near to the sanctuary. This wild life sanctuary seems to be empyrean for the people visiting there.
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Other nearby destinations- there are various destinations that are worth a visit including Modhera that is famous as Sun Temple and other significant destination that is situated near to Dasada is Patan and Rajkot and Zinguwada Gate. The destination is truly worth a visit because it offers the tourists enough of memories to be treasured.

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