10 top tourist places in Munnar

Sree Krishna Temple – This is a religious temple of the deity Krishna of the Hindus and is located in Kurnili, Munnar. The temple is famous for the annual festival that is celebrated here for 10 days and it starts with the hoisting the flag of the temple – the name of the flag is Kodiyettam. The last two days of the festival are special and you can find lively performances from the Ottanthulal and Kavadiyattam. The last evening Thidampu is brought out for Arattu or the holy bath. It is a beautiful procession with the Thidampu, which is seated on an elephant and the procession is beautified by a music band and then comes the Panchavadyam or the conclusion of the festival.

Sree Dharmasastha Temple – This is situated in Munnar and is dedicated to the deity Lord Dharmasastha. This deity is the Ayyappa or the son of Shiva and Vishnu, who was then in female form called Mohini. The annual festival in this temple is celebrated for a single day and is a colorful festival that touches the heart of the visitors that come in. The pomp and show and gaiety are a part of the festival and you will find Thalappow and Ammankudam, and Garudanvaravu are the different folk rituals and mode of celebrating the festival and these represents the holy and celestial bird called Garuda, who is faithful of Vishnu.

Pothamedu –

One of the major hub for plantation in the green and peaceful Munnar, this is a major attraction for the tourists who are used to the view of the modern amenities of the city life. There are plantations for tea, coffee and cardamom for the visitors to see and an ideal place for trekking and walking for a long distance in the quite loneliness of the lush and cool mountain and shaded green around. The rolling hills and the filling view of the places around gives the tourists a longing change from the regular life of the tourists that visit the place.

Power House Waterfalls – The waterfall is a beautiful spectacle and a refreshing change from the day to day life of the tourists and it gives you more enjoyment if you visit just after the monsoon when it is fed by the rain and gives you a view of its complete beauty and grace. The monsoon lasts for the months of June to September and the white foams fill up your imagination and the thundering water gives rise to ferns around the pool that it forms at the base. The natural ambience is full of graceful and cool water cascading you if you want to feel it and touch it from your vantage point. The water is said to have healing properties and gives a peaceful existence at the point.

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Blossom International Park – The Blossom International Park has a 100 ft long fountain and there are areas for roller skating and meditation and interspersed with beautiful garden. The park is set in a beautiful part of the country and one can go for boating or cycling or a simple long walk in the calm atmosphere. You can admire the trees and flowers in the garden and fill the appetite of your eyes of the natural greenery for a lifetime from here. There is a hydroelectric project nearby and is an additional place to visit when you go there. There are ropeways and swings in the park for children and it charges a fee for the entrance to the park.

Malankara Reservoir – This is an important irrigation project and you can visit this when you visit Munnar. The Reservoir is located on Moolamattam Road on the highway and consists of the dam and the reservoir, which can be a feast for the eyes that have never seen such forceful water in the encroachment of the walls of the dam. The dam is constructed on the Malankara lake that is a artificial lake and the dam is actually across the tail gate side of the Moolamattom house that is the source of power for the reservoir. This is a place that has facilities for boating and angling and you can travel to this place by bus.

Muniyara Cave

The caves are an ancient place that will attract the people who loves to visit the lonely and less visited places. The structure is the most important and interesting part and you can visit the land of imagination when you roam inside the caves. The caves are made of rocky slabs and it is believed that the ancient sages used to sit for the meditation in these caves and it is also believed that in old ages the dead bodies were kept in these Muniyaras. This is also called the shelter of ancient tribals. The caves are cool in the inside and the surrounding greenery gives them a secluded look – which is the attraction felt by many tourists.
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Anaimudi Peak – The Peak in Munnar or the Elephant peak as it is often mentioned, is the highest point of south India. The peak is the next to the Himalayan peak in height and has got an elevation of 2695 meters and this offers ideal place for trekking. The nature enthusiasts also find it a dream destination as the nature can be viewed from sitting within the entrapment of nature here. The place is a delight for the people who visit Munnar as this is an area that is surrounded by the nature park called the Eravikulam Sanctuary and is the home of the Nilgiri Tahr and other wild animals.

Tata Tea Museum

This Museum is situated on the Nallathany Road. The Munnar center is situated nearby. The Museum has collection various old antiques and pieces that are from the Colonial era and they are exhibited here for the public. The tea production and information regarding various machineries are also seen here. You will find proper methods that are instilled for the tea processing and tasting of tea by experts before they are marketed. The place is all about the production of tea and you can get a fair idea about how it is done. You cannot take photographs or videos here. Tickets are to be bought before you enter the site.

Devikulam Lake or the Sita Devi Lake – The Lake is a spot of scenic beauty and the crystal clear water gives you the view of the surrounding as a picture in the water. The tall trees and the flowers of different colors can give a peaceful change of the general lakes. The twittering birds and the cool water give the spectator an ideal and lazy ambience and the lake is also believed to have therapeutic properties. The legend says the Goddess Sita bathed in this lake and that’s how it got its name. The mineral water has its curative power and the lake is situated in an altitude of 1000 meters from the sea level.


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