10 tourist places in Nainital

1Tiffin Top (Dorothy’s Seat) – This is a terrace top of the Hills called the Ayarpatta Hill. The Hills are located 4 km from the town of Nainital and this terrace is at 7520 ft above sea level. The seat is a Bench made of stonework in the memory of Dorothy Kellet who was an English artist. The place is a picnic spot built by her husband in memory of Dorothy and other well wishers after her death and now it is a spot for photography for different photographers to get the view of the area from the top. This is another place in India that shows the unending love of the family and you might feel the warmth this place gives out to true lover of the family members.

2Naina Peak – The China peak or Naina Peak is perched at an altitude of 2611 meters and is the highest peak of the town. The peak is about 6 km away from Nainital town and you can hire pony or horses to reach the peak if you want to do it differently and else you can take time and trek up to the peak and enjoy the breathtaking view while going along the roads. The view is panoramic and you might get the peak of the Himalayas covered with snow. This takes away all the discomfort that you might feel while walking up on foot. You will also get a view of the Nainital city and feel the grandeur from the top nest of the Peak and if you carry a binocular, you will enjoy the peak and the peeking together.

3Eco Cave Garden – This is a place where people of all age can enjoy and specially the children will find it funny and weird. The Eco caves will be memorable for you as you will be able to show your child how being eco-friendly helps the people. They will find this trip informative and fun as they gets a special attention when you explain them the whole thing. The caves can give you ideas about ecosphere and the new way of an adventurous life inside the caves. The garden has different caves and there is a musical fountain operating in the best season. The garden is a place where the children can explore and find new things like colorful flowers and other such things nearer to the nature.

4Governor’s House

The Governor’s house is a concept that was introduced by the British and this is also called Raj Bhavan. The residence of the Governor of North West Province was built by the British and now it is the residence or place for stay for the Governor of the State of Uttaranchal. It can also be called a guest house for the guests to the state that comes over for spending holidays and stay for some time in Nainital. The prior permission is needed. There are swimming pools and splendid garden and golf courts for the Governor or his guests. The Munshi heights and Jhalander Modi heights are there within the premises of Raj Bhavan and the whole scenario comes up as a replica of Buckingham palace.
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5Pangot – You can drive for 25 minutes and reach the small village of Pangot from Nainital. This is about 15 kms away from Nainital and the route to the village is packed with adventures and interesting places. The place is a forest that you need to cover driving through and it is a part of the Naina Peak that you need to drive through. The forest has got different natural vegetation and it makes the path a little fearsome and adventurous. The Snow view point and Kilbury are peaks that you can see from the path and there are different birds that you can enjoy while going through the forest and the flora and fauna gives a feast to the eyes tired with viewing of the modern day to day life.

6Naini Lake –

The Lake is the main attraction of the city and reflects the whole area and the background in its crystal clear eyes. The place got its name from this lake and it is the prominent spot of the city. The Lake is surrounded by hills and the greenery and the colors of the flowers are all seen in the water – making it a breathtaking view for the tourists. The Nainital town has come up around this lake and it is said that the lake was formed during the time of Sati and Shiva. It is from the puranas of Hindu scripture it mentions that the eye of Sati fell out and the lake was formed. The Nain or Eye formed a crescent and hence the name and shape of the lake.

7Land’s End – This is a peak that gives a good view of the adjoining peaks and hills and itself stands at a height of 2118 meters. The neighboring valleys can be viewed with good angle and the hills around give it a different look from all sides. The nearby Khurpatal Lake is another attraction that can be enjoyed from the peak and you can take a vehicle and reach Barapathar and lead to the walk that can take you to this point. It is a dead end and is located at 4 km away from the proper town of Nainital. It can be reached easily and the path to is not steep or a long one.

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8The Mall Road – The road that is there parallel to the lake of Naini is also called Govind Ballabh Pant Marg. This is a busy place and is set up with different shops and stalls and restaurants that can be an attraction for the tourists. The commercial point also contains travel agent office and banks and offices for the local people and it joins both the ends of the town – named as Mallital and Tallital. There are two churches – one Methodist Church and the other one is Roman Catholic of St Francis. The Mall is for the tourists who want to explore the place by walking around and the road gets closed for traffic in peak season and makes way for the people walking around.

9Aurobindo Ashram – The Aurobindo Ashram’s Himalayan Center in Nainital is set in the cozy greenery of the Hills of Kumaon Valley and it is away from all the hustle and bustle of the town. The ashram can be reached after a steep climb up the slope of the valley and is a good exercise for the people visiting the place. The contention of reaching the peaceful place is a different realization. Anyone can stay in the Ashram and it has to be arranged by giving prior information regarding it. The tourists visit the Ashram for a glimpse of the peaceful abode and to gain perseverance.

10Astronomical Observatory – The observatory was set up in Nainital in the year of 1955 and is now in Manora peak which is a kilometer away from Hanumangarthi on foot. The astronomical study center homes different artificial satellites inside it for learning purpose. One can reach this Observatory by travelling a short distance of 9 km from the town. The Observatory was established for continuing astrophysical research and there are different facilities that are developed for more of such researches. The subjects for research are Solar and Stellar and Theoretical streams of the field of astrophysics. If you have permission and the sky clear, you can observe the celestial objects from the observatory.


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