13 Tips To Pack Lighter And Smarter For Your Next Vacation

No matter low short or long may your trip may be, packing is a great deal beforehand. The dilemma of what to take and what to leave behind is a hard-hitting choice for many of us. Further, in this due process of selecting and packing essentials (or not), often we overpack ourselves. To avoid this, below enlisted are 13 smart packing tips that will not only help you in smart packing but also in lighter travel.

  1. Buy a light suitcase

This is the foremost step to pack light. Check the self-weight of your backpack or trolley before buying them. Often the self-weight of these bags is near about 1 kg.

  1. Have your own packing list

Not your friend’s but yours. Have your own travel packing list. Write down everything you need on the trip. That may be a torch or your Bluetooth speaker.

  1. Now halve them

Yes, now eliminate half of the things from your list. This will not only help you in sorting out the real needs for your travel but also will reduce the luggage.

  1. Use packing cubes

Take help of the smart and good looking packing cubes. They are easily available online or in a local market place. These smart pouches are the best thing to carry odd-shaped items on the go.

  1. Use a zip lock bag

Are you a gadget-freak traveller? No problem at all. Get a ziplock bag to fit in your chargers, microphones, and adapters. They not only save space but also help in proper organization of the wires.

  1. Put heavy things first

Make sure that you place heavy things first in your trolley. That may be your sneakers or your favourite book.

  1. Roll the clothes and not fold
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Rolling the clothes is one of the smartest travel hacks you can have. You can go through plenty of videos on YouTube on how to roll them. Rolling the fabrics both save spaces in the trolley and helps to keep them wrinkle-free throughout your journey.

  1. Take extra plastic bags or totes

Carry a few plastic bags or totes and save them to carry mementoes or souvenirs back home. You can also leave some extra gaps in your suitcase to fit those there.

  1. Organize your make up kits in small bottles

Your big bottle of shampoo and conditioner will no doubt increase both the volume and weight of your luggage. Instead, use small reusable bottles to pack them. You can organize your body lotion, shampoo, hair oil, foundation, lipstick and all your beauty products in this manner.

  1. Pack easy-to-go clothes

If you are planning for a long trip of months, try to list fewer clothes and wash them in the hotel laundry. Every hotel has its own laundry provision, even if not, you can always wash them yourself.

  1. Keep some essentials in the handbag

Keep your essentials like a phone charger, medicine and sunscreen in your handbag. Moreover, you can add up to the list according to your choice. This also helps in an emergency like loss of luggage at the airport or at any point of your itinerary. At least, you won’t miss your daily dose of medicine this way.

  1. Stay fresh with dryer sheets

Placing fabric conditioner sheets or dryer sheets in between your garments will keep them fresh for a long time. This is most required for the long route travellers who want their clothes to remain fresh and good smelling for long.

  1. Carry a reusable water bottle
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Make sure to carry your favourite reusable water bottle on your trip. Once finished, you can fill them anytime from the airport or railway station. This will prevent you from using single-use plastic bottles and will also keep you hydrated for the day.

Away from all the hustle of listing and packing, make sure that you are not overloading yourself. Besides, make sure you have taken care of your important documents like i-cards and passport. Though packing choices vary for every individual, no doubt these summations of the basic packing tips will help you in your next vacation. Have a great journey ahead!



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