30 things do to after turning 30 in India

Just had your 30th birthday a few months ago? Feel like you are growing old too fast and too soon? Well, that’s not the case, when you turn 30!

People often get bogged down by the impending and anticipated midlife crises that are supposed to hit us the moment we reach 40, but hey! 30 is not the time to sulk about it. 30 is the time when you are finally independent, and that means financially independent. By 30, most of us have a steady or sufficient mode of income; we have probably even saved up enough by now. This also means that the stress and strain of a daily job have entered our lives. So, the best thing to do after you turn thirty is pack your bags, put on your travel shows and venture to some of the places that you have always wanted to go.

Go with your friends or go solo as you prefer, you still have the health that is required for extensive travelling, so gift yourself with a travel plan on your 30th birthday. Here are 30 things, which you can try out after you turn 30:

  1. Party hard: Goa is a heaven for all the bachelors out there. If you really want to party hard and get a different taste of life for a few days, then head out to Goa. Try to stick to the beaches like Palolem or Agonda in South Goa because that is where all the party is!

  1. Biking through: Take a bike trip to Ladakh. You can book bikes from Delhi and head out for this trip. But make sure that you have a steady biking hand; if you don’t then ride with a friend who does know his way with the bike, well.

  1. For the sake of patriotism: Visit the Wagah border once to witness the Beating Retreat Ceremony. You should have an idea of what happens at the borders, and this ceremony allows you to witness it upfront. Do a little duty to your country after your 30.

  1. Set out on a road trip: You must and must go on a long, really long road trip. Undertake a drive that is at least 14-15 hours long. It is best if you go with a few friends or cousins and with enough people in the car who know how to drive since you can take turns to drive. Do make sure that you stop somewhere at the night, preferably a city that falls on the route.
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  1. Buy an elephant or two: Well, there is a Cattle Fair where elephants and other animals that can be domesticated are sold, in Sonepur. This takes place in Bihar.

  1. Relaxing a little: If you feel life is becoming too stressful for you, then shell out a few bucks, rent a houseboat and simply chill out, while enjoying the backwaters of Kerala.

  1. Hit the water: If you are keen on water sports then do head out for the Havelock Islands, on your trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands and try out deep sea and scuba diving.

  1. It’s about road and food: If you set out on a road trip or just go for a long drive on the National Highway, you must stop at a dhaba and try out some really, really lip-smacking delicious food!

  1. Being Holy: You must visit Varanasi after you are 30. This place has a charm of its own and great food. Visit the temple and spend your time at the ghats.

  1. Quieting down: Thirty is not the time for too much noise. To spend a few tranquil days in the laps of Nature, head out to Matheran from Pune.

  1. At night in the desert: You must spend at least a night in the deserts of Rajasthan in Samdhani. You have tents here, which you can book online and ride camels to enjoy a lovely sunset in the desert sand.

  1. A little more biking: If biking truly is your passion, then you can take a Royal Enfield and take a biking tour covering the Rann of Kutch.

  1. Up in the air: Want to fly through the air? Then try out paragliding which is conducted in Solang Valley.

  1. Old is Gold: Do take a trip around the city of Kolkata and explore all the old houses in the Northern part of this city.

  1. Food, food and some more food: If you have been to Delhi and not tried the food at Chandni Chowk, then you know it is time to visit the capital again. You should try out the street food in the alleys of this famous ‘chowk’ in Old Delhi.

  1. Trek on water: Well, frozen water actually. If you really want some adventure, then you can try trekking on the frozen water of the Zanskar.
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  1. Ballooning away: Try out the hot air balloon ride, which is conducted at Pushkar for a bird’s eye view of the surroundings.

  1. Trams and more: Take a heritage tram ride in the city of Kolkata, which will show you around the famous places of the city.

  1. Of handmade papers: Pay a visit to the handmade paper factory in Pondicherry to learn how the process works and get amazing products at even more amazing prices.

  1. Travel like a King: If you have enough cash saved up, then you can take a trip on the Maharaja Express.

  1. On un-owned lands: There is a train called the Shakuntala Express that runs on tracks, which are not yet owned by the Indian government. You can give this a shot too!

  1. Tipsy taste: Try out Nasik’s Vineyard to get a taste of the finest wine made in India.

  1. Escape to the hills: You should at least visit the hill station of Darjeeling once, just to revel in its scenic beauty.

  1. Pampering time: Pamper yourself with a full body massage in one the beaches in Kerala.

  1. Take a dip: Go to Hardiwar and take a dip in the holy water of the Ganges. Don’t know about washing away sins, but it is certainly refreshing.

  1. Engage in festivities: Do enjoy the Ganesh puja in Mumbai or Durga Puja in Kolkata to get an idea to which height a festival can reach.

  1. For the sake of love: Pay a visit to the symbol of love-Taj Mahal in Agra, just to see the architectural splendour.

  1. Tour the forts: Take a tour of the forts in Delhi and Rajasthan to get transported back in time.

  1. Of ancient ages: Visit the Bhimbetka caves in Madhya Pradesh to check out rock paintings of the primeval man.
  2. Give time to loved ones: You have come a long way in life and do make sure that you spend some time with your loved ones, no matter wherever you decide to travel.

You can try all these out after 30 to gain a fresh perspective on life again!

Rahul Sharma

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