ABC of Travelling- a Guide

Summer is the time when we seek refuge of cooler places or hill stations. But as we browse the websites for better deals, several chose to ignore millions of hotels and bed and breakfasts. So, for people who think is it safe or is it ok. Here are the answers to all the question:

Factors to be kept in mind
Just before zeroing into any budget hotel, it is important to think about the factors that you are looking for. While for some cleanliness is important, for other place or location is important. The other factors that you need to keep in mind is access to public or private transport and if there are eateries around the course, of course within your budget. Pay attention to sites like Yahoo answers who give best recommendations. Read Wiki about the destination and understand the place that you choose.

Book it up or not- It is recommended to do booking in advance. The accepted norm is to turn up and look for the place that best suits your requirements or budget. This is the best way to travel most of the time-plus it is cheaper, easier and you tend to find good places to stay. However, if you are in a new place, it might be a good idea to book private room in advance before exploring local pastures. And for those who want to go a step further and travel cheaper have designated campsites. People are helpful and will guide to a much cheaper place than you can imagine. You can explore hidden treasures of a destination only when you talk to the local people.
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Safety is important-For couples or for solo travellers, especially woman, sharing space with the strangers or with lesser known people is a difficult choice. So, it is important to keep safety of woman in mind. A must do exercise would be do chat with the hostel managers. They are helpful and provide suggestions and insights about everything.

Another problem that people may face is the misconception of being alone in a new place. People refuse to go alone due to five major fears: solo travellers don’t easily make friends, expense is unavoidable, it is dangerous and eating alone does not serve well. Holding back because of all such fears is a big mistake to make.
Not comfortable and lack of hygiene- The biggest myth associated with travelling is lack of hygiene. Whether it is hotels or motels, there is no such problem.

Keep in Mind following Points:
Before staying anywhere in India, it is important to keep a tab on
Rating- Never go to a hotel that ranks low in rating, even if it is cheap
See what is sought after- If you are attempting this kind of travel for the very first time, the best thing is to stay in the popular hotel
Travel Light- The travellers, especially solo woman should always travel light. As one will be less vulnerable and more independent if they are not weighed down by luggage.

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