How to organize the suitcase for vacation


Finally, the time has come when your holidays are booked and suitcases are yet to be packed. But there is only a single problem: you can’t add everything in the suitcase that you want. Fortunately, we are here to help you. Here’s we bring you tips on how to organize the suitcase easily.

Don’t add everything in the suitcase
Let’s be honest: who hasn’t been really upset at a suitcase for not closing it properly. Well, we all remember the attempts, from sitting on the suitcase or asking friends for assistance. Besides buying the bigger suitcase, here we offer you tips on how to fit the things in the suitcase.

Tip 1 Don’t fold the clothes- Though it is a myth that one should fold clothes to save on space, but in reality it is not so. On the contrary, all you need to do is to flatten them with iron and lay them across the suitcase at the bottom. In this way you’ll avoid wrinkles too.

Tip 2- Put aside items that will fit anywhere- The small items like socks, underwear can fit anywhere, hence keep them for last minute. On top of it, the space will be saved and you’ll be able to block the stuff to avoid risk of spills and shocks.

Tip 3- Buy Vacuum Storage Bags- Vacuum Storage Bags, seem confusing? Well, the concept is simple and moreover it will reduce the volume of the clothing. To achieve this, you need to vacuum seal the things. In this way, you can reduce the volume if the bag by four times over. With that said, the weight will remain the same, so don’t overload the luggage. Consider adding iron to the suitcase; if you want wrinkle free clothes.
Tip 4- Travel Light- Today, traveling light has become a necessity. If you are not willing to shop, then its ok, otherwise it is necessary to tweak the content to have a suitcase that you can carry. Cosmetic items add up to the suitcase and weight down the suitcase. Two solutions available are to maximize lightness, while maintaining the comfort. Firstly, you can buy the items in a miniature format. Like toothpaste, shower gel and even shaving cream can be found in different sizes, so buy a size that will last for the duration of trip without costing a large space. If you think this frugal, consider transferring the contents into a smaller container.
Tip5- Ask yourself questions- Finally, how to carry light weight suitcase is by making right choices. It may be easy for some and for others it may be extremely difficult, but ponder over and ask the right questions and cut back on the items that are not needed. Be practical about the items that you may need on the trip.
Some more tips
• Roll the things that can’t be folded
• Put liquid in a separate bag. If leak happens, it will prevent to spread throughout the suitcase.
• Add important documents in a separate pocket.

Jyoti Bhatia

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