India has fascinated millions of people all over the world. Starting from various hill station to historical sites, there are enough of destinations to choose from. India is the place where billions of people with around 700 languages merge together to make a strong nation.There are numerous tourist destinations spread […]

According to the statistics released by Expedia, the Indians don’t take much vacation. The annual survey further reveals that 75% of the Indians feel vacation deprived which is counted highest in the world followed by other countries like South Korea which stands at 72% and Hong Kong which stands at […]

Are you tired or feel odd one out from couple’s Christmas party? Well, plan for an off-beat destination located in Gujarat, Gondal. This tourist destination boasts of several tourist destinations including palaces, temples, and other places of historical significance. But right now, we are going to talk about one of […]

There is a wide array of things that you need to remember before you travel to India, but where to start is the first question. Here are some steps and information that will help you in your trip.  Moreover, it will make your trip more trip more organized in no […]

Though Mumbai is a crowded place, known for beaches and multiplexes, but little we do know that this place also have one among the famous wildlife sanctuary where you can unwind yourself from daily stress of life. Yes, here we are talking about no one other than The Sanjay Gandhi […]