Jodhpur is a beautiful city, which is referred to as “Blue City”. There are plenty of forts and palaces spread throughout the city, and if you are in Jodhpur, there will be no dearth of things for you to do here. Therefore, you should look for an opportunity to visit […]

Betaab Valley is located near Chandanwari and it is a popular tourist spot. The name is given after the release of a Bollywood movie “Betaab Valley” and it is named so as most of the shooting of the films was done in this area. The mountains are snowcapped with rushing […]

Bakkhali is certainly a great place which is located in West Bengal, and is located at a distance of about 134 km from Kolkata. This is considered to be the perfect place for relaxing, especially during the summers. Apart from that, monsoon is also a wonderful time to visit this […]

In the northeast area on India, Manipur, Loktak Lake is considered to be the greatest freshwater lake and is also known as the floating lake due to the floating phumdis on it. The term phumdis signifies the heterogeneous heap of vegetation, organic matters and soil which is on the verge […]