Daulatabad fort

Daulatabad fort is situated in Aurangabad and it is a rare construction that cannot be found easily. It has a combination of fort ground and hill fort. The huge fort is built on a single pyramid shaped mountain peak which is a natural gift of nature. The rock is chiselled skillfully which makes climbing of tourist easy and comfortable. Three concentric walls surrounded the area of fort and are known as kots. The outer wall is called as Amberkot, the second one is called as Mahakot and the third one is called as Kalakot.

The old town of Daulatabad is covered by the Amberkot wall. Aurangabad to Ellora is connected with the National Highway. Mahakot acts as a boundary for all the practical purposes and is surrounded by a water body which has become dry presently. The entrance of Mahakot is enriched with eight gates altogether. After the kalakot, there is a deep moat which is created around the mountain. It is not finished yet and is still under construction. This area is followed by a passage that is dark and zigzag. Throughout the rock it is carved and is known as Andhari. It is totally dark inside and has 400 odd steps which need to overcome to reach the main gateway.


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